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And there it is. It is a word that has, on the surface, changed alot since Kierkegaard used it here. Now, when people describe something as absurd, they are more likely referring to the surrealism of The Mighty Boosh, or the self-serving leaps of logic that politicians may make when working on the behalf of an agenda no, Mitt Romney, corporations are not people!

But this is a different absurd, and one that means a great many things to a great many Existentialists. Albert Camus, for example, saw it as liberating. The basic, most reduced definition of it is as existence without a controlling force or logic. He surrendered to the absurd, otherwise the alternative is that he would become a murder.

But why take such an uncomfortable route to exploring the nature of faith? Why so rough?

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Cast your mind back to the pseudonyms Kierkegaard used. Johannes de Silentio , latin for John of the Silence who was a 6th Century monk and hermit of the most solitary kind. John the Silent lived alone for seventy-six years, meaning he spent more time alone than either Joseph Conrad, W. Auden, or Jesse Owens spent alive.

Renown, then, for solitude, John the Silent came to embody to verse of Philippians " Questions of faith are hard.

Taking the Leap of Faith

A narrow road is perilous to walk, and ease is spurned by many-a-devout believer. But this metaphor has lost its way somewhat. This painting of the rest of the world as collectively taking the easy route is dismissive at best, and heartless at worst.

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Not to say that there isn't a truth in it, but there is so much more to the 'narrow-road' metaphor that raising yourself up. It also undermines what power of the verse from Philippians.

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So, yes, the leap of faith is terrifying. It would be more of a hop of faith. Rather, it is a complete sacrificing of the personal to the universal. Being new to reading Philosophy, it helped to find that the book tows the line between Philosophy and Bible study. Some passages aside, prior knowledge is not mandetory for the book. Just be honest.

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What are the possibilities of the library, and how do we change the norms adherent to it? Kindergardens, schools and organizations as well as us at CounterPlay, wish for the library to evolve into a room and community that embraces imagination not just in the written word. Here on our blog I wish to take the question even further: how is it that the library, the home of books, adventures, fairy princesses, epic wars and deceptive murderers is a space of silence? But I believe that just as much action is present within the mind of the adult reader, and thus the physical space of the library, the seriousness and silence seems to be in clear opposition to the realm of the inner experience.

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Perhaps the library should be a place for us to explore and to play, where children are free to move around and experience narrative in their own way? Perhaps a place where old prejudices can be challenged by who knows — a laughing kid, a bubble show, a reading or performance art?

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