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Among its other attributes are the anti-reflective coating on both faces and water resistance of up to 10 bar m.

A blue leather strap adds the finishing touch. The moon is as beguiling on the wrist as it is in a clear night's sky. The finely crafted golden moon of the Belisar Chronograph Moon Phase Sachsen Classic follows its path against the dark blue sky, and finds itself in good company. The white dial is carefully crafted on two levels and features a fine honeycomb structure at its base — a look that harks back to the radiator grilles on exclusive classic cars.

Blued hands and a range of calendar functions stand out prominently against this elegant backdrop. Skip to content. Western music performed by Daniel Lyndon The concert welcomes the eminent traditional artist from everywhere throughout the globe to perform here on every full moon day. Submit your review.

Roam Around Nepal. Average rating:. Share us on. Understanding these celestial portents and knowing how to utilize the current state of the heavens unlocks tremendous power. The Moon's phases are an easy, non-technical method of achieving this, making it a great starting point for the stellar theurgist in training. Interestingly, some of the contemporary ideas around ritual timing with the Moon have drifted from their historical origin. Classifications of the Moon's phases have differed somewhat throughout history. These are sometimes divided into categories called Principle Phases and Intermediate Phases.

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New Moon- A principle phase, characterized by the Moon being invisible due to her close conjunction with the Sun. Crescent Moon - An intermediate phase, this Moon phase is characterized by the first time the Moon is visible in the West at sunset. First Quarter Moon - A principle phase, here the Moon is half-full while still increasing in light. Gibbous Moon - An intermediate phase, the Moon is more than half-full while still increasing in light. Full Moon - A principle phase, this is characterized by the Moon's face being completely veiled in light.


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She is considered at her most powerful at this stage, but begins to lose light. Disseminating Moon - An intermediate phase, here the Moon has past her peak and is losing her light, but has not yet lost a whole half of it.

Third Quarter Moon- A principle phase marked by the Moon being half-full and losing light. Balsamic Moon - An intermediate phase where the Moon has nearly lost all of her light and appears as a slim crescent before becoming invisible. More contemporary Moon magic tends to view the lunar phases as equal divisions of the lunar cycle. The above graphic depicts this division and categorization more clearly. This method is different from more historical approaches.

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Not only do source texts tend to reference only four moon phases, they also view them more like pivot points along the Moon's cycle. The New Moon is not a "phase" of the Moon, but more like a meaningful station or point along her phase. This is a direct reflection of the Sun's seasonal cycle where the solstices and equinoxes are specific points that occur while announcing seasonal shifts. This is a correlation that will come up again. As a result of this, historical grimoires usually only reference two phases: waxing when the Moon is increasing in light and waning when the Moon is decreasing in light.

These two distinct phases have opposite meanings and applications. The waxing Moon is connected to growth and increase while the waning Moon is associated with decay and decrease. The waxing moon phase is characterized as more benefic and helpful while the waning moon is associated with more malefic powers.

The basic idea is that when the Moon is waxing, it is a good time to do magic that is more oriented towards growth and gaining; wealth, health, career advancement, etc. The waning Moon is more suited towards banishment and decrease; cleansing, space clearing, habit-breaking, etc.

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Picatrix, a classic astrological grimoire from the 10th century, tells us more about moon phase magic. The monthly lunar cycle we're all so familiar with has another name; the synodic cycle.

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A synodic cycle refers to the cycle a planet has from one conjunction with the Sun until the next. Astrologically, these cycles are very important and are conceptualized as the closest thing that the immortal planets have to a human life cycle. By understanding the lunar phases as the story of a life or the progressions of the seasons, we get better insight into why the ancient's characterized the Moon's phases the way they did.

This young moon exists until she comes to the First Quarter phase. This is the Moon phase that is most like Spring. The Moon here is young, energetic, and flexible, the perfect Moon for magic that requires that sort of energy. The Moon is mostly filled with light and the experiences of her cycle, making her more visible and confident in her identity. This Moon is the most like Summer; forceful, assertive, self-assured, and focused and is ideal for magics that require the same kind of quiet confidence.

The Full Moon, while contemporarily regarded as a phase, is something more like a moment.