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the architect's christmas tree

I lost points for listing both Matthew and Luke, 2. I lost points for Mary on a donkey: again any definite answer assumes facts not in evidence. Fun website! Thank you for a post I needed to read. I went to a live nativity scene in Atlanta last week. There was a donkey, sheep, rabbits, a Scottish cow that looked like a yak, and a rooster or hen.

I was floored by the chance that non-believers would think it was authentic. But, then I just learned a lot from your post. Rabbits and Yak-like cows? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Assumptions v. There's nothing remotely hostile in those words. Sure, they may not be the words that some would choose to receive, but they're far from insults.

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I understand where you're coming from. You really like marinara sauce and it's pretty much all you've eaten in your lifetime. Sometimes change can be hard. I get that took me two years to wean myself off ranch. But we shouldn't cling to our old habits just because we don't feel like changing. We need to make the most out of our time here and connect with the people we meet.

That way, the mozzarella sticks will taste better for everyone. In order to get a gymnastics move named after you , you have to submit the skill for consideration and then successfully land it in a major competition. As of , there were 11 female gymnasts with moves named after them. Simone Biles was one of them. Now, she's heading into "living legend" territory.

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This weekend, Biles performed two of her signature moves at the world championships in Stuttgart, Germany this weekend. Not only did she land them, they're now getting her name. Her double dismount on the balance beam will now be known at "the Biles. Her triple-double, a move that includes a double backflip and three twists, will now forever be known as "the Biles II. The West Coast is pretty much "uh" and "uhm" neutral, although the Bay area has a soft spot for "uh" and the coast from Nor Cal to Oregon particularly loves to "uhm" its way though sentences.

The gender gap is so wide, you could probably fall into it. But the gender gap, oddly enough, extends into our efforts to fix the gender gap. In an op-ed for Time, Melinda Gates highlighted the inequality in how much we're spending to address women's issues.

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  • It turns out, projects that support women receive less funding than other projects. First we make less, now this? Now, she's boldly Chanel Miller, using her name and experience to let survivors of assault know they are not alone.

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    My 4-year-old was told not to say, 'Happy holidays. An innocent trip to the supermarket with my 4-year-old daughter showed me how strange this world has become. Like many of our beliefs about the Christmas story, we get that idea from Christmas carols.

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    They arrived a year or so later. Which explains Herod putting a hit on anyone under two years of age [2] and why the church celebrates the coming of the wise men as Epiphany on Jan 6. In reality Shepherds were the first non-family to greet Jesus at his birth. In the pop culture version Mary and Joseph were rejected, turned away from a packed Inn.

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    Presumably, coming from a distance with a pregnant wife, other family perhaps already have the guest room for the census. They were kept in the lower level of the main house. The manger is on the main level so that the animals could put their faces in and eat. How did we get Dec. A common theory is that we co-opted the Roman feast of the Unconquerable Sun. They counted forward 9 months from conception, giving us, viola, Dec. Jesus was born during the Pax Romana , the peace of Rome, allowing the news of him to spread. What do we learn of Christmas from the Fathers? It would be good to learn our Bibles and our story and defend our faith against shallow thinking and ministers who lack the training to teach the scriptures rather than simply critiquing the culture.

    Jesus was at home in the world he had made, [15] in the midst of the stuff of life. Google it.