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Holst & Elgar: The Planets & Enigma Variations

When he talks about his work, his lanky figure spins around like an eel caught in a fishnet. He admits he works every day of the week, except Sundays. Every single day is devoted to his meticulously planned and thought-through images. A dog. Roger Ballen bought a warehouse in which he built a small house where he creates his images.

With a graduate degree in geology, Roger Ballen was not predestined to become an artist.

Enigma -- Temple Of Love.

Roger Ballen is exhibiting for the first time a photography series he shot in color, although from the beginning he seemed wedded to black and white. This website is run by Code Enigma. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website.

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There are 4 steps at the front of the building, we can talk to the office and ask for a ramp if required. This website is partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2. We plan to add text alternatives for all images by January The novel thing about their discovery was the finding that the receptors do not activate all together when they perceive a scent molecule, but rather different receptors activate reacting to different molecules.

That is to say that a scent molecule is perceived only by the receptor programmed for that molecule, and only that receptor transmits the information to the brain. Molecules and receptors must fit together like a lock and key. Each combination is interpreted by the nervous system as a different smell.

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  • Once activated, they send the information to the olfactory bulb located in the brain, which receives the information, processes and stores it. Dogs, for example, have forty times more brain surface dedicated to smelling.

    platfolniasing.tk With regard to the number of smells people can detect, there is no scientific consensus; we may have to wait for a second Nobel Prize to resolve some remaining mysteries surrounding this sense. With no specific number, and bearing in mind the fact that the capacity to detect scent is as much an individual gift as having a good ear for music, it is true that you can train your sense of smell. Perfumers, for example, train their brains in order to widen the range of scents they can recognise, and the speed at which they can do so.