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Amandemen UUD Tegakkan supremasi hukum dan budaya demokrasi. Reformasi tidak mengamanatkan seks bebas. Jangan pakai standar ganda, Bro. Korupsi ditentang karena merugikan negara. Sementara zina yang merusak tatanan masyarakat, malah dibela. Gak semua orang bisa korupsi, karena gak semua orang punya wewenang. Tapi semua orang bisa zina karena semua punya alat kelamin. Apa gak sama aja seremnya? Lantas dimana pijakan narasi dalam spandukmu itu? Ayo pimpinan-pimpinan mahasiswa yang masih jernih moral dan pikirannya yang udah rusak, silakan abaikan pesan ini , lebih waspada dan perbaiki narasi.

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Zones Zone operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Tables Tables. Stephen Pan Tl-ku. Daphne graduated from. Toto numbers MM. The lurkr numbem fnr today Mth Toto draw arr In and Snacks or coffee very tasty morning to one a. Munsicur Jean Ruulli.

JO, 4 00, L Jppm 4 9. Page 7. Syed Sheh: Not time yet to abolish capital punishment He said that a move wu under way to amend the Constitution to remove this llmtlatlon. On capital punishment. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi below , teacher of transcendental meditation whose followers include such famous personalities as the Beatles and actress Mia Farrow, will give a lecture on Sept.

Building of the store has already started.

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Puan Nor Ab-hah when she. Dato Mohamed Asri, said here today that his party would be submitting Its views to the Elections Commission on the proposed changes in parliamentary and State constituencies In West Malaysia. An assistant to the Attorney-General announcing this did not name the ships He added that six.

Under personal super. Page 8. Sunday CET speed, aperture opening, and focus and click.

Education News Roundup for March 9

And judging from the picture the swarm of. The increased revenur is not due to. Tan Hong Chiang, because of late entry in its. One of them was Inche Othman Sunggoh. Aiaden dan. Mr j, hn Marshall.

LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition - Lothlórien

Strong aluminium ailoy body-heat treated gears centerless ground steel shaft extra large bearings pressure greased fittings easy to get at. Complete power drive.

Papers Past | Mataura Ensign (Mataura Ensign, 7 January )

Weighs only 79Vi lbs. Page 9. But heart transplant operations have been ruled out for practical and economic reasons, a spokesman for. Graduate, 20, to work for Ph. Vincent F. A former student of the Catholic High School. Sun The Chief Justice of Malaya. Tan Sri Azml bin Haji Mohamed.

The Straits Times, 9 September 1968

A R Mohaaied Nazimddin. Sim Inche K bm The political secretary to the Ministry of Education.

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Inche Mohammed Ghazal:. Mass exit from Rakyat? He told a Pre. A total of M t babies took part In a baby show here yesterday organised by the YV. Other old.


Page The scientist? It is a policy that cannot be carried much further. There has been a sharp increase in the number of mainland refugees in. The defeat of a motion of DO confidence in the Labour Government was cold comfort. Ramparts Magazine asserted in its current i issue. Tine accused assassin of Sen.

Robert F. As an illustration oi the problems involved. And it works! Tun Abdul Razak today assured East Coast batik weavers that the two batik factories set up by Mara in Petaling Jaya were not aimed at competing with tht in or destroying the batik industry there. John Chadwick, said tonight that the foundation should help to g M up a professional centre in Singapore 4 o take in all professional bodies. He said that the foundation would be prepared to meet the.

Annual parade IPOH. Sun The Minister uf Health. Ng Kam Poh. John Ambulance Brigades area commissioner or Malaysia. Dato Dr H. She Is what you might call the marrying kind. At