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What's the origin of the phrase 'And thereby hangs a tale'?

Aunt Lydia called Ofglen "Emily" when she entered the room. In the episode, Aunt Lydia comes into the hospital room after Oflgen wakes up from the surgery.

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At that point, we learn that Ofglen's real name is Emily. By the way, personal accounts of real-world FGM experiences indicate that the procedure is sometimes done while the girls are awake and without proper medical tools or professionals at hand. You have an uncontrollable urge, and we're going to take that away.

We're going to make your life so much easier,'" Miller said.


It's to take away an unbridled sexual desire, to keep them from being lascivious. Here she's a gay woman, they don't want her to be attracted to women, so they just kind of think, 'Oh, we're going to do her this favor. We're not going execute her.

We're going to be nice. But there's more to it than that — as the judge said, Emily is "fruitful. For more from Bruce Miller, listen to the full episode of "Showrunners" below. Subscribe to "Showrunners" on iTunes here so you can hear new episodes featuring the showrunners from "Silicon Valley," "American Gods," "Insecure" and more first.

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Kim Renfro. May 3, , AM.

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Sign In as Brand. Forgot username or password? Grumio loves the attention that Curtis gives him. In The Taming of the Shrew , language is often associated with power. So, if Grumio has the deets on what went down between Petruchio and Kate on the way home, he's got the upper hand. He makes sure Curtis knows it, too, by telling him he's too tired to tell the story.

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But then he goes and ruins it by telling him anyway. Oh well. Sometimes telling a tale is just too tempting. When he says "thereby hangs a tale," he's literally talking about the story that Curtis wants him to tell. From feuds, funding setbacks and financial problems to bureaucracy, bad news and building regulations, not to mention continuous opposition from various councils, this determined group - along with a host of supportive and eager volunteers - doggedly carried on and overcame hurdle after hurdle without losing sight of their vision of a community hub for the town.

Mighty, Mighty Dartmouth!

What do we need? This rousing chant was apparently developed by four young supporters en route on a boat upriver from Dartmouth, along with one hundred and eight fellow Flavel supporters, for a demonstration to SHDC in Totnes.

This day proved to be one of the most important days for the future of the project. There is a lovely poem at the end of the book, epitomising the enthusiasm of so many supporters, which I would like to share with you. I must now confess that after reading every single detail of this incredible story, I STILL cannot read these words without getting a lump in my throat.

and thereby hangs a tale Manual

I hope you will enjoy it too:. Go, proud ship, your four sails gleaming, Child of years of hope and dreaming; All the future lies before you. Not a soul can now ignore you. Flavel would be right behind you: Go, proud ship, may fortune find you. Ken Dent, Oh, and wouldn't it make a great present for a Flavel-Loving friend, or an interesting holiday souvenir..?