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The mythical Greek inventor Daedalus may be regarded as an unbuilt predecessor to this trope, what with his artificial wing invention that melts in the sun and kills the impulsive Icarus. The god Hephaestus deserves a spot here thanks to his many wacky inventions, some of them fueled by his seething negative emotions, including his trap-throne, which he used to trap his mother, Hera, in revenge for throwing him out of Olympus for being an ugly baby, his trap-sofa, which he used to capture and humiliate Aphrodite and Ares in order to highlight Aphrodite's infidelity, and to further spite Ares, gave Aphrodite's daughter by Ares, Harmonia, a magic necklace cursed to bring tragedy and misfortune to its wearers, while simultaneously keeping them young and beautiful.

Wayland the Smith from Norse Mythology is a rather similar inventor character. Unlike both Daedalus and Hephaestus, he is consistently depicted as evil and many of his inventions are for random acts of carnage. One appears in Monster Bash , working with Igor to reassemble and reawaken Frankenstein's monster.

Shock of Strange Science , whose experiment is a "Freaky Friday" Flip between a teen girl and a chimpanzee. Treknologic : Keri talks about experimenting on the crew and the genocide of all tribbles like someone would talk about the weather. Fallout Is Dragons has Doctor Javolt. To be clear: Fallout is Dragons is set in the Fallout: Equestria world, wherein the apocalypse was caused by balefire bombs and most technology has magic at its core.

Javolt, on the other hand, rejects all magic and actively seeks to create non-magical technology, and apparently replaced his leg and his own eyes with non-magical cybernetic replacements after they were ripped apart in an explosion that also had an impact on his memory.

Professional Wrestling. Cube, who was supposedly a failed Nazi experiment. He revels in being evil and leading his Posse of "giant city-crushing monsters. This would backfire on Mantis three times. He unmasked in and reinvented himself as a wrestling Elvis Impersonator with Karate skills. Puppet Shows.

See a Problem?

When his assistant calls him mad, the scientist calmly agrees, adding that what made him seek revenge is that he's angry -mad, not insane -mad. Bunsen Honeydew of The Muppet Show. The Mr. Potato Head Show : Dr. Fruitcake created a Frankenstein-like ham-monster that attacked the rest of the cast, built machines that have exploded when they're supposed to be safe, and gave the other characters real weapons as props while they were doing a spy show.

Carina Appelbaum from v2 of Open Blue worked in Seran's science corps. She holds a commission as a captain , allowing her to use a ship to scour the ocean for additional 'test subjects'. She carries a Hyper Space Arsenal of mysterious vials that could contain anything from explosives to poison.

The Global Guardians PBEM Universe , like any decent superhero setting based on comic books, has dozens of mad scientists creeping around. And that'ss just the bad guys. Nicholas Moreau and Dr. Sabin Duvert. The Mad Scientist Wars , uses this trope as its foundation stone. The players are all fans of the Narbonic and its successor, Skin Horse about a government agency that cleans up after Mad Scientists , so it was only natural. Tabletop Games. Magic: The Gathering : There have been many Mad Scientists throughout the game, including Momir Vig from the eponymous arc, Yawgmoth before he got worse , Gatha, and Urza, a rare example of a sympathetic Mad Scientist.

The Ravnica block has two guilds who wear different versions of this trope as their hat, the Izzet League and the Simic Combine. The Izzet are CloudCuckoolanders who do Science For the Lulz , and favor very creatively applied Magitech , which tends to be very prone to exploding. Their leader, Niv-Mizzet, is a dragon mad scientist. The Simic are driven visionaries and Evilutionary Biologists who're in it for the potential and specialize in bio-sculpting , which they use to "improve" the living things of Ravnica.

While not a legendary character, Innistrad adds Laboratory Maniac to the long line of mad scientists in Magic. He perhaps takes the "mad" part more literally than most; in terms of flavor, your library represents your magical knowledge, and running out of cards in your library causes you to lose because you've lost your mind, but the Maniac's ability makes it so that running out of library cards causes you to win instead, so you win by going insane.

Being gothic horror-themed, Innistrad is pretty much full to the brim with Frankenstein imitators. Most of them don't get their own cards, but their creations do. Consider the visionary Ludevic , for instance, or Stitcher Geralf. Many of the New Phyrexians can also be described as this - their entire goal is the "compleation" of all living beings, which can be summarized as Cybernetics Eat Your Soul for the entire body.

The best example is probably Jin-Gitaxias , leader of the blue faction, which is traditionally associated with science of all kinds. Virtual Adepts and Iteration X also fit this mold. As do the Progenitors. Approaching from the other direction, there are several mages most common among The Order of Hermes, but it can pop up in any of the more mystic-minded Traditions or Crafts that approach researching magic with the same level of intensity and lack of ethics. The fan made Genius: The Transgression , which is all about Mad Scientists so crazy that they can create stuff that bends the laws of physics.

The Catalysts of Geniuses even relate to five mad scientist stereotypes and quotes: Grimm ; anger and vengeance: " You will pay for what you've done. You'll doom us all! The Ordo Dracul of Vampire: The Requiem are vampire mad scientists, prone to extremely unethical experimentation to circumvent the weaknesses of their kind. Warhammer 40, : Fabius Bile. His lab coat is made out of human flesh.

That about sums up his state of mind. Magnus the Red, Daemon Primarch of the Thousand Sons, arguably qualifies for this trope, though he's more of a mad wizard. He's got the reckless pursuit of knowledge, megalomania, production of the odd superweapon, and lead a legion of super soldiers into daemonic corruption.

Every Mekboy ever. When they aren't building big stompy idols of Gork and Mork , they're building chaotic field artillery or welding big guns onto bigger guns. The Ork equivalent to a doctor is a Mad Dok, who perform all sorts of experiments on their subjects such as replacing damaged limbs with bionics sometimes they replace the wrong one , or a squig brain transplant.

The Book of Job

They at least use anesthesia on them in which case they give them a concussion. The Adeptus Mechanicus tend to get like this as you get further up the chain of command, especially with Masters of the Forge - part Space Marine , part Techno Wizard , all trouble. The Dark Mechanicus are even worse, doing anything in the pursuit of knowledge, the only thing keeping them from being completely corrupted by the Warp in which they reside is the fact that almost all of their bodies have been converted into machines.

If building a robotic dinosaur with a plasma cannon for a head and using an ensnared daemon to power it doesn't make you this trope, really, what will? Belisarius Cawl is a different type of crazy in comparison to the rest of the Ad-Mech, but it's enough that the organization itself considers him a borderline Heretic due to his relentless focus on innovation and invention rather than salvaging and preservation. The lines he's crossed include salvaging Xenos tech, creating artificial intelligence based on his own mind to back himself up which alone should have long gotten him torn apart by the Inquisition and, while assisting Guilliman in creating the Primaris Marines, proposing the use of salvaged Traitor Legion and Lost Legion geneseed to create some more , which he was forbidden to do and got him yelled at quite extensively.

Guilliman only continued to work with him because he's the only one radical and crazy enough to work and pull off what he wants to do , but he still thinks he's gonna try it anyways. In short, Cawl replaces the usual dogmatic insanity of the Adeptus Mechanicus with pure desire for discovery and innovation no matter the cost, morality or risk, which is more familiar yet terribly rare in the Imperium. Dark Eldar Haemonculi, except their "science" is killing and torturing people in all kinds of ridiculously violent, cruel and painful ways , and turning members of their own race sometimes willingly, sometimes not into horrid testaments to Body Horror like Wracks and Grotesques.

When Fabius Bile ended up in their clutches, he impressed them so much with his own twisted genius that they shared notes and let him go. The species of Jokaero are basically this trope mixed with Everything's Better with Monkeys. They are aliens that look orangutans, if orangutans could make just about anything human beings could except impossibly better by magnitudes.

This makes them the only source of "digital weapons" in the universe, tiny rings which are actually also one-shot short-range versions of high-powered pistols normally used by military forces among the galaxy. They nicely cover all three of the main Mad Scientist archetypes: Moulder are the Frankenstein types, creating rat like monsters like rat ogres, and even bigger rat themed monstrosities. Pestilens are the disease merchants, mixing together various toxic goops with the eventual goal of making the perfect plague to unleash on the Overworld.

Skyre are the engineers, making Warpstone shooting gatling guns, cannons that fire green lasers, and giant armoured hamster wheels that throw off green lightning indiscriminately. These three clans then sell their services to all the myriad Warlord "normal" clans, to aid them in their conquests. For the record, the other "technologically advanced" races have only just invented gunpowder, and most are still on bows and arrows. Although the Dwarfs do have this weird steam-powered gyrocopter. But Dwarfs tend towards sane engineering, in that they have this really conservative engineering guild keeping them from going Skaven.

While you do get the occasional young maverick, most of those tend to stop being mavericks as soon as they lose their first limb to an explosion. It's standard for aspiring Dwarf engineers to get kicked out of the guild when they try to invent something new; they usually join the human guild for a while until they refine their prototype to something more reliable and trustworthy. Dwarfs like to maintain their reputation for machines that run like a Swiss watch. Deadlands : Mad Science is an arcane background, and the Mad Scientist a standard character archetype.

It's caused by demons whispering secrets of future technology into the ears of promising inventors , which is as good a reason as any to go insane. As a result this was the ultimate goal of the demons who caused mad science in the first place, so they stopped 'helping' when it was achieved , traditional mad science mostly stopped working old devices still work, but no new ones can be created , and was replaced with techno-shamanism and a more Anvilicious source of insanity: "gun spirits". Greyhawk had some pretty crazy mechanical and semi-magical Schizo Tech made by humans and gnomes alike, the craziest of which—along with wacky stories of the inventors—was collected in ' The Book of Wondrous Inventions ' sourcebook once trampled by Something Awful.

Most of it hardly has a place in a sane game, but is sort of funny—that is, as long as The Loonie in your party didn't read it too. It's up to Ravenloft to take up slack for the others on this trope. It also abounds in mad wizards, but that's a different trope. Dragonlance developed the concept of tinker gnomes, and Spelljammer imported some as they spread from Krynn in their insane space-steamboats. Mad science is their principal business, religion, and means of defense.

They're the creators of such creatures as the giant space hamster, the carnivorous giant space hamster, the fire-breathing phase doppelganger giant space hamster or the miniature giant space hamster. And Al-mi'raj "experiment 72" , known for non-tinker gnomes as " Blink bunny ". They tend to build overcomplicated contraptions prone to slapstick malfunction. Forgotten Realms has Lantan, the land full of followers of Gond, the patron of invention. A good example is Tinkersdam of Gond, an alchemist who, after far too many accidents involving explosions, was exiled from several cities and ended up in a cave in Tethyr.

He made high explosives just for fun, and directed charges at that He also made pre-ordered weird stuff, like a mask that allowed a sleeping half-elf to pose as an elf in reverie because it did flawlessly fit over his client's face and has quite convincing open and blinking eyes no magic.

He also got some sort of hyper-awareness in his lab — he not only never knocked over anything by accident, but didn't even let a kettle he didn't see boil out. Which may be the main reason why he lived that long. Another example is Nadul DaRoni, gnomish DaVinci expy whose ads appeared in Aurora's Catalogue with a comment "Madman, perhaps; genius, perhaps; annoying, most definitely". Gandolfo experiments with bringing dead bodies and body parts to life. The Eberron setting has the Artificer class. Being mad isn't technically a prerequisite for the class, but try finding someone with an Artificer character playing it any other way.

Eberron also has Mordain the Fleshweaver, a rogue transmuter wizard who spends his time digging into the lore of the daelkyr. He lives in Droaam, the kingdom of monsters, where the locals carefully avoid his tower - and note that Droaam's locals include a sizeable population of ogres and the heads of state are night hags. Exalted : The entire setting is a playground for some of these. Combine the sorcerer-engineer castes, such as the Twilights, with the Great Curse , and every so often you'll get things like the Beasts of Resplendent Liquid.

And then we have their Green Sun Prince counterparts, the Defilers. Mad Science is practically a divine domain of their patron, and they combine it with Psychic Powers. Their Abyssal versions, the Daybreaks, tend to fit under here if they're nice. Given some of the requirements for creating a Liminal Exalt someone obsessed with bringing back the dead, or creating life from death, who puts their obsession into practice , it's quite likely a Liminal's creator was one of these. A good amount of the masters from My Life with Master.

Turn up fairly regularly in Paranoia ; many of them are employed by Friend Computer inventing exciting new weapons and devices for the the player-character Troubleshooters to test; Meanwhile, the Pro Tech secret society is made up of enthusiastic amateurs. Kozaky isn't a very useful card unless you're using a Human Wave Deck, and Magical Scientist is an illegal card due to a notorious One-Hit Kill strategy it can use with Catapult Turtle ; however, both monsters are featured on the artwork on many Spell and Trap Cards, suggesting that they were involved in the creation of many things in the game that only a Mad Scientist could think up, such as the Koa'ki Meirus.

Cyborg Doctor seems to fit the bill too, if his appearance is any suggestion, although his effect doesn't seem all-too sinister. Deviant science is a known phenomenon in Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine , and its practitioners have a distinct tendency for the eccentric. Main character Leonardo de Montreal practices Nightmare Science, which is like deviant science, except more biological. He also happens to be a megalomaniac who lost his innate sense of right and wrong, and made himself a moral prosthetic to replace it. He is fascinated by the effects of fear on the human psyche, particularly on crowds , so he tends to cause panic-spreading disasters and upheavals in order to study the reactions.

For Science. While it would require all of a normal starting character's available stunts, being one of these from the word go or, failing that, growing into it later is within reach for players in Spirit of the Century 's interwar pulp setting. Being merely a "weird" scientist capable of creating plausible inventions that are merely ahead of their time by a few decades is slightly cheaper. Unsurprisingly, this is also a common villain archetype; between the sample characters and the example adventure there are at least two obvious ones Even other rats want nothing to do with them.

Theme Parks. Universal's Halloween Horror Nights : The Caretaker is a surgeon-cum-mortician who started wondering what made some of his patients pass on despite his best efforts and grew obsessed with the concept of the soul, and started performing gruesome medical procedures first on the corpses from the graveyard, then on homeless people he lured in with the promise of a place to stay. Concept art reveals that The Boneyard from had one doing something to what was presumably a corpse in one of the rooms. The Great Beings also qualify.

The Doctor Dreadful line of toys features the eponymous doctor as its mascot, and encourages kids to become one too by using his lab toys to make the various gross food creations. Visual Novels. In Dra Koi there was once a mad scientist who created an ether destroying device in order to kill a dragon. This is considered a Fantasy way of fighting and thus an acceptable way of beating a dragon since he destroyed the machine and killed himself afterward, which stops anyone from doing it again. Oh, and so are her parents. Web Animation. Most of the main characters in The Fear Hole are one of these, with the exception of Dan the Janitor.

They have a tendency to be, how do you say it Her last name is eventually revealed to be Mengele. Judging by his voice and mannerisms, the co-host Wizard in Death Battle seems to be this. Both are users of science and use it for somewhat unethical means, with the former using nukes to threaten Rythian into complacency it doesn't work, since Rythian is having something of a breakdown and the latter kidnapping Teep for his own evil ends.

Both also fought each other in the first Tekkit server, ending in a nuclear detonation that forced everyone to rebuild from scratch. Viceroy from Chadam threw himself into studies from an early age and became thirsty for knowledge, and began conducting experiments on dead bodies to understand why he was so different, and began to start killing people for the sake of said experiments Web Original.

Nevertheless, most of the SCPF researchers can be described as being Morally Ambiguous Doctors , given their unethical practices of forcing prison inmates to test out a wide variety of dangerous paranormal objects. Bright may be the maddest of all the SCPF's scientists, if this joke article is to be believed, which paints him as a Cloud Cuckoo Lander Psychopathic Manchild who commits all kinds of crazy and evil antics for his own amusement.

SCP "Casket Garden". Pyotr was a mortician and scientist who carried out experiments regarding long term chemical preservation of human remains, as well as chemically induced reanimation and regeneration of such remains. This is the source of the animated remains that appear in the SCP coffin every six years. Dr Romanoff in A Grey World fits the trope well, his frustration at bureaucracy of the scientific community leads him to perform secret experiments For Science! In Brennus , these guys are calles Contrivers. Telling them their creations don't work is a bad idea.

Mirror World has Syrile, a member of House Dusk who experiments on the humanoid creatures populating Inoptica to perfect the Devoiding process, and to fuel his sadism. The main character, her family, and a major part of the cast in Defection counts as this. To Welcome Oblivion has Dr. Lilith Madison, a scientist who had hundreds of innocents kidnapped and experimented on with Eldritch Energy to see what effects it would have on them.

Predictably, dozens of the test subjects died horribly. Tails of the Bounty Hunter has Dr. Vogar Oblingor, a reptilian alien who has anthros transformed into feral, mindless beasts or tries to turn them into Super Soldiers so he can sell them to be used as weapons. Whateley Universe : Tons of them, both at Whateley Academy and in general. The school has two whole categories of of super-scientists, Gadgeteers ES Pers and Technopaths who instinctively know how to create new things, but only within the bounds of ordinary physics and Devisors creators of Applied Phlebotinum that bends the laws of reality.

Either type can end up as Mad Scientists, but devisors are far more likely to due to the I Reject Your Reality aspects of their power. A few students have both traits, which tends to makes things dicey. Note that even the crazy ones sometimes make money legitimately , with Gadgeteers being able to get patents and Devisors sometimes being able to sell their one-of-a-kind Devises for huge fees , so their supertech does have some impact on society , but various other factors ranging from CorruptCorporateExecutives to Fantastic Racism to Chronic Villainy mean that not all do, and plenty regardless of sanity end up as SuperVillains.

Some Mad Scientist types as well as other superpowered people have the "madness as a disease" trope. The universe has an illness called Diedrick's Syndrome that only affects some mutants, and Devisors are one of the two groups most susceptible to it the other being electrical energizers. Due to an imbalance of neurotransmitters, the person can get paranoid, megalomaniac, etc.

Examples of Mad Scientist students at Whateley Academy include: Overclock, who plotted to make a fellow student accidentally kill her teammates in a holographic simulation and drive her permanently insane, all because she ate the last of his favorite breakfast cereal one morning. Jobe, who, well, he's not mad , exactly, but his Blue and Orange Morality means that there's little he won't do, consequences be damned.

He planned to turn his first girlfriend into a Drow and bond her to him by ensuring she would only reach orgasm with the first person she has sex with This serum worked really well when he accidentally injected himself with it. That's not even close to the worst thing Jobe has done, and he's only about fifteen right now. Even the good things he has done are hideous: take his new vaccine for dysentery, which will save thousands of lives every year, and which he made by testing it on unwilling people on his father's island.

He regularly gets censured by the United Nations - not the Karedonian government, but Jobe himself. Sonny gets Mad Scienced deconstructs this sort of thing by showing it from the perspective of the potential victim. It addresses issues such as funding and why the henchmen would even still work with a lunatic. Turns out they have a "Death Ray clause" in their contract. Spectral Shadows has Dr. Penning, who wishes to experiment on Raelian Ommandeer for his own evil gains.

Mad Scientist

And then he also creates The Anthrodroids, which are basically android anthropomorphic animals. SF Debris reimagines Captain Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager as one of these, to the point that for the episode "Scientific Method", which involves the Voyager crew being experimented on, has to have a rider that this time it isn't Janeway. Her exploits have included breeding hives of flying tarantulas with a taste for eyeballs, building an emotion bomb, creating a "rape gorilla", rigging the consoles to electrify their users for her own amusement, sending redshirts to their deaths because they serve Mexican food at the funerals, and the creation of something only known as "Kes-kotay".

And technically suicide. Web Videos. The title character of Dr. With a few tweaks. The Spoony Experiment : Dr. He's Linkara's archenemy, and killed Spoony at one point. He also won the presidential election without making any attempt to hide his identity. Who wants to help daddy take over the work and knocked out Tidus. He also undid all his previous Villain Decay in more recent appearances. Since Linkara didn;t want to have to keep getting Spoony for cameos, he created the alternate universe Dr.

Linksano, who is this but a little softer he can be placated with a holodeck to play out ruling the world on, Dr. Insano cannot. It was a shame he didn't make a cameo in The Nostalgia Chick 's video of Hollywood Science , which talked about this trope in detail. Speaking of The Nostalgia Chick , she is constantly running into the sociopathic Dr. Tease, and her beleagured companion, Dr. A sign of genuine danger in To Boldly Flee is Tease acting like an actual scientist would in one scene.

Also, neither of them have real degrees. Adam appears as a parody of a mad scientist in episode 9 of Maddison Atkins. Griffin from KateModern is a former mad scientist. The Metaverse Doctor A. Professor Plague. Splice Agamemnon Tiberius Vacuum , and his henchman, Dr. Herr Doktor Innis du par Nachteltaffen, one of the drop-in characters on Warning! Readers Advisory! Retrieved September 4, Retrieved December 17, Retrieved May 6, May 11, Retrieved May 11, Irish Independent.

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