Puppy Poetry: The Exhausting, Funny and Sweet Moments that Come With Being Owned By Puppies

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AGB had a posse of volunteers looking for her all of that time and finally one of our eagle-eyed people spotted her inside a fenced area not far from her loft home. She went back to her owner, but now four years later he relinquished her due to being overwhelmed because he adopted two other dogs. But, lucky for her, our volunteer Jeri had been waiting a couple of years for a small, sweet dog that would get along with her little Poodle and Sharley has fit in like a glove with both of them.

Jeri says she is a gem, and almost immediately sent a text saying "Cash the check! We love her!! I weigh 32 pounds and I'm just four years old. The Urban Dictionary says that a girl named Sharley is "a beautiful, funny, amazing, perfect girl with long beautiful hair".

I do have a long beautiful white coat tinged with gold; my crowning glory. I'm a family girl surrendered because my owner had too many dogs to care for and I am missing having a family. I'm good with other dogs, have no experience with cats, and I can be a little timid around new folks but I am one sweetheart of a girl. I'm heart worm negative, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. I'm so ready to get my new home. Don't you want a sweet little powderpuff girl pup like me? That's not a surprise as she stole the show at our last Meet and Greet offering free belly rubs to anybody with a willing hand.

Her new mom was a founder of a dog therapy group in her town and hopes Candy will be suitable for that work, but if not, that's okay too. She is happily chasing squirrels in her large back yard and living the life of a Princess. Carley, you are a great ambassador for AGB so keep up the good work! Because my name is Candy and I'm looking for a new home. My former life is a bit of a mystery because I was just picked up and taken to a northern Alabama shelter.

AGB quickly came and got me and drove me to Birmingham. I'm about 4 to 6 years old and I weigh 58 pounds and I'm a pretty blonde girl. I must have been somebody's baby because I'm spayed, heart worm negative, and healthy. I've been vaccinated and microchipped. I'm friendly and I've got a wonderful smile. I do need a little bit of leash training. I'm sweet as candy. The lyrics of the song say "Someday soon I'll make you mine; then I'll have candy all the time".

Don't you want Candy all the time? Please contact AGB and ask about making me yours! She is living right on the water with her new parents and doggie sister, whom she plays with from sun up to sun down. In fact, her name is now Sunny which fits her disposition and happy smile perfectly. This is a perfect Golden dog that loves everybody and everything and especially loves attention. She is getting plenty of that now. Put on your sunscreen Sunny, and careful of the waves! And that's my name, Azalea - as pretty as the flower I'm named after. I'm a darling girl, still a puppy at almost 1 year old.

I weigh 59 pounds. I was surrendered to AGB because my owner worked very long hours and didn't have time to spend with me. I spent a lot of time alone tied out in the yard and I slept in a doghouse. I was lonely. My former owner obviously wants the best for me with a safe and secure and loving home where I get time and training to grow up to be a lovely golden girl. I am so very excited to have lots of people and dogs around me now. I'm a friendly and submissive girl.

The AGB folks tell me they're going to find me a family where I can live in the house and be part of the family. I like other dogs and cats and strangers. I like petting. I like car rides. I'm a very pretty and healthy girl but I've got to get spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. I also have an ear infection that's being treated. But I am heart worm negative so that's good!

I think I'm about to have a wonderful time being cosseted and adored - maybe I can bloom at your house! This young family wanted a dog that would be velcro to their girls and he took the role of best buddy and protector right away. Mom says he is "super sweet and gentle" with the girls, and while he loves his own toys, he just sniffs their toys and leaves them alone.

He has two really big Goldens living right next door that spend a lot of time with him, and last weekend he got his first trip to the beach house. He didn't take to swimming in the pool just yet but maybe with time he'll become a water dog. Enjoy your travels Keever, and be a good big brother! I'm General and I'm reporting for my next tour of duty. I'm looking for a new command post; that is, a new family and a new forever home. My last assignment wasn't great. I was a stray at a northern Alabama shelter which was packed full and noisy.

I was glad to hitch a ride to Birmingham to become an AGB pup although I'm a little unsure of what the future holds. I'm just two years old, a big, good-looking boy. I'm usually a happy dog with a great personality and I like other dogs. I met a new pup at the vets and my tail started wagging real hard. I'm heart worm negative but I just got neutered and vaccinated. I weigh 64 pounds. I don't want to waste another minute not belonging to somebody. I promise to be an officer and a gentleman to my new person. How about it?

Half the year he will live in upstate New York and when things start to get cold, he will go to south Florida to a dog-friendly beach where he will get a 3 mile walk daily. He rode like a champ during the two day trek to New York and hasn't stop smiling once! New parents are thrilled beyond words and say he will be cherished for the rest of his life. Stop by on your way to Florida Winston, we would love to see you!

I'm somewhere between years old and I weigh 56 pounds. I'm a handsome Golden boy, that's for sure; look at my pearly white teeth, soft brown eyes, and russet colored coat. I was surrendered to AGB because of no time to spend with me. So I've got to get my new family in my life as soon as I can! I've been an outside dog all my life and I'd rather not be. I was so thrilled at my car ride to the vets that I nuzzled the ear of my AGB driver. It's been a while so I got a full check-up and got vaccinated and found out I'm heart worm negative. I also found out I have to be neutered and microchipped.

They said I have a great temperament, I'm friendly and sweet and playful. I know "sit", "stay", "come", "off" and "down" commands. I'm real fond of playing fetch with tennis balls and being around folks. That's just the best. I don't like fireworks, just so you know. So to quote The Beatles's song "ooh, did I tell you I need you, every single day of my life". Take it from me; that's a dog's creed! Hugs, Winston the second. He was born blind but he sure doesn't know it or seem to mind.

His cute looks and sweet personality had people all over the country wanting to adopt him but he was matched to a family right here in Birmingham who have two cats that also adore him. Mom says the cats seem to sense "something different" about him so they tolerate his playfulness and help groom him! She says he is a true testament to perseverance, seems very happy, and is pure joy in the home. Soon he will have a little doggie brother or sister to teach proper doggie behaviors and we are very excited for him in that new role!

Looking forward to lots of fun days ahead for you Charley! I am so anxious to be somebody's beloved Golden boy! I'm only 9 months old; still a puppy. As a matter of fact, my name is Ray Charles too but I go by "Charley". Like that great singer, I'm also blind. I was born that way but it's okay cause I just listen and sniff, and I usually have no problems getting around. Specially when I want some hugging and loving; I'll find you right away. I love people and other dogs.

I have beautiful Golden blonde good looks and I weigh 69 pounds. I'm house trained. I'm neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative. I know some commands already like "sit", "wait", "go potty", "eat" and "get in the house or kennel ". I really like chewing on my bone, being brushed, and occasionally getting an ice cube! I am a little scared of the sound of water running real hard so you should know that when I get a bath.

I would love sleeping in the same room with you but the floor or a bed of my own would be fine - unless you wanted to invite me to sleep with you on your bed? My foster Mom says I'm real smart and super sweet. So, have you decided that you 'won't stop loving me'? Because I bet I will fall in love with you as soon as I hear you call my name "Charley".

He was turned into AGB because his owner allowed him to roam free so he got into trouble with the neighbors. He would run over to their house and chew up pillows and shoes on their porch - what fun that must have been! Of course he didn't last long with us and was adopted as soon as medically cleared. He is with a family that hand-crafts furniture from logs and they are hoping he will be their new "log dog" and mascot. He goes to work with Dad every day and after a long day of labor gets a good bath in the Tennessee River which is right outside his door!

He also has another big Golden sister that he is thoroughly enjoying pestering the stew out of. Ah Diesel, it's a dog's life out there! Sadie's family had a hard time giving her up but knew it was the best for her. AGB promised to find her a great home and now she has a huge yard to run around in, neighbor dogs to visit with, and a good long walk everyday. Mom wanted a companion, and reports that Sadie never leaves her side.

It's a wonderful match for all and we are very happy for both of them. You'll see snow for the first time this year Sadie! Make some snow Angels and run, run, run! Hi there, I'm Sadie and I sure am a pretty Golden girl. I am 4 years old and I weigh 65 pounds. I'm spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and heart worm negative. People aren't the only victims of hurricanes, are they? My former owners can't have a large pup where they're temporarily living for the next year or so, and they very much want me to have a wonderful, vetted home where I'll be loved and safe and secure. And AGB already had a great family with an approved application waiting for a girl just like me - a sweetheart and happy, joyful pup.

See how pretty I smile. I'm a lucky pup! She looks like Dizzy Izzy in her adoption pictures with that crazy tongue hanging out, but will soon grow into her new, elegant name Lady. Mom says she is sooooo sweet, funny, is never still, and they love her to pieces! Beautiful girl, have a great life, and look for the Easter Bunny Sunday! My owner fell on some hard times, so while they were crazy about me, it means I've fallen on hard times too.

My name is Izzy and I weigh 35 pounds. Since they now can't take care of me like they would like to, they asked AGB to find me a new home where I'll be safe and secure and loved. They sent along some of my toys and things with me. I am a puppy and all that that implies. I have been working on my training and I kind of know "sit", "stay", "come" and "down". I'm almost house trained and I give a little whine when I want to go outside.

I'm used to being crated. I've never been around other dogs but I bet I'd like them just fine. Kitty cats are fun to chase; they're toys, aren't they? I'm very friendly with strangers. I'm about to be spayed and I also have to get an umbilical hernia fixed and my dew claws removed.

Bet I won't like that at all. But, afterwards, I will be so ready for a new family to love and hope they'll continue my puppy training so I'll be the best dog ever! Goodness knows, I'll be one of the prettiest! We're going to have so much fun together, aren't we? Remember to ask for Izzy, the cute little white blonde puppy girl. Eagle came to AGB in need of urgent care, covered in lice and heart worm positive, at 30 pounds and 10 months old. He went into Temporary Placement with his adopter while his skin healed, then had to be neutered, then had to start his heartworm treatments so the poor little boy has gone through a lot.

His coat is now almost grown out and his new name is Petey. Mom says he goes right to sleep when she puts on the music "Somewhere over the Rainbow! Sweet dreams Petey, and send us photos when you are all grown up! That's a strong, proud name that I hope I can live up to soon. You see, I'm a young boy that's not in great shape at the moment. I'm not even a year old yet; I'm around 10 months old. I weigh 30 pounds. I wound up at a shelter and I was marked urgent for medical care.

They contacted AGB and somebody nice rushed over and got me - in the nick of time! I have heart worms. I had lice on me - yuck - which gave me a skin infection. My coat is in sad shape. I needed to be vaccinated and neutered. But most of all, I needed some good food and loving care. And maybe some toys; I bet I'd like those. I'd like to just be a puppy and have some fun and adventure! They say I'll be a beautiful boy when my heart worms are treated and I gain some weight and my fur is soft and grown out. I think I'm lovable; maybe you'd come and meet me and see if you thought so too.

I'm very friendly and I have a resilient spirit. Maybe the first 10 months of my life could have been happier and healthier, but I'm so hoping the next ten years will be wonderful. I was rescued in the nick of time. I sure hope that I find "love in the nick of time" too, like that lady sang in her song. BobbyBobu - ADOPTED Apr 10, - Bobby, 7 months old, who was turned into a shelter because he was "too rambunctious," just needed a girlfriend to play with and some patient parents to train him.

He has gone to one of AGB's original Founders as our th adoption, who ironically adopted Carley last year as our th adoption! Some things just line up in the stars correctly. Bobby is the sweetest, most well behaved boy we have seen at his age and only wants to please and be a good doggy. They are calling him Bobu after the TV character and kid him that he is "very, very bad. Have fun with Carley, Bobu, and wear yourselves out!

Hiya, my name is Bobby and I'm just seven months old. I weigh 41 pounds. I'm vaccinated, microchipped, heart worm negative and I just got neutered that's no fun! A couple of weeks ago, the person I thought was my person turned me into a shelter instead of giving me the puppy training I want and need. I've got all the right stuff to be a great pup to somebody. I'm cute as they come, I like 'hoo-mans' an awful lot and quite honestly, I'd love to be all over you cuddling and loving! They tell me I'm an AGB pup now and those folks are going to find me the very best 'hoo-mans' to adopt me.

They named me Bobby because it means "famed, bright, and shining" and it's an all time favorite boy's name since the Middle Ages and that's a long time ago, I think. So that probably means my future is going to be bright and shining and I'll be a favorite. So if you have some time to raise up a puppy into a beautiful golden boy, why don't you ask about me, Bobby? I'm awaiting! Now called Radar because his other family Golden is called Compass , he is living the good life in Louisiana, riding on his personal yacht, going to work with Mom, and getting plenty of snuggle time on the couch.

He's not missing those chickens at all! Mom has this to say: "Definitely a keeper! He is literally the easiest dog I ever had. Thanks so much! He is too sweet and good. Thanks again! As you can see, I'm a gorgeous black haired boy Flat Coated Retriever that's 2 years old with happy eyes and demeanor. I weigh 38 pounds. I know I'm a pretty boy but I'm also lots of fun. I have a wonderful time in my life - I love to walk and run, I love car rides, and get along great with other dogs and even strangers. I'm super friendly. I'm cautious but okay with the kitty cats. I sleep in my dog bed or on the sofa, if I'm allowed.

My black coat is long but I shed very little. I'm fully house trained and kennel trained. I'm used to spending 8 hours by myself and I just nap my way through it. I'm heart worm negative, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. I'm darn near a perfect pup except for one little vice, like typical retrievers. I don't like those varmints called chickens. So if you're Colonel Sanders, I'm probably not the pup for you. I cannot wait to be your boy so I sure hope you come see me right quick before I steal somebody else's heart!

Bo needed to lose some weight and has been successful during fostering and is continuing to lose with his new family. AGB is extremely cautious when adopting to families with toddlers but after sweet kisses to his soon to be human sister, Bo has become a wonderful big brother to her as well as a great friend to his Golden mix sister. Mom says "He is doing so well. I am amazed at how quickly he settled in. He loves our daughter and is so gentle.

He is surprisingly not in bad shape with those extra pounds and has loved going on walks. Send pictures Bo, we want to watch your progress and keep that happy smile. Who knows? I'm a 5 year old boy who is great with strangers and other dogs. I'm very sweet and friendly! I ignore cats. I'm an owner surrender; my Mom moved and couldn't take me along. I'm neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and heart worm negative. I did make a New Year's resolution to take off some pounds because I weigh a little more than I should - pounds.

Okay, okay, maybe I need to lose more than a few pounds. But AGB already has me on a good diet and with some fun and regular exercise, I'll be a lean and lithe boy in no time flat. I've got a sweet smile and a sweet disposition. Why don't you come meet me? We could have a bo-dacious good time together!! Here I am; just waiting for you!! Beautiful four year old Daisy came to us when her former owners could no longer give her the attention she craved.

That won't be a concern now as she is living with a wonderful young man and has very little time alone. She has been answering to her new name Fancy and it seems to fit her perfectly. Fancy is enjoying her daily walks and fun times exploring her neighborhood, meeting new friends everywhere she goes. Enjoy Fancy, and see ya soon! Well, hello there! I am the beautiful Daisy that people write songs about. I no sooner became an AGB pup then somebody wanted me to be their girl. I am 4 years old and I weigh 75 pounds.

I'm heart worm negative, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. I'm house trained; I bump the doorknob when I want to go out. They do suspect I have an allergy to chicken but who cares? I like other foods better anyway. I'm good with kids and dogs and strangers. Haven't been around cats much so I am likely to chase one. I am friendly, outgoing, and lovable. And did I mention beautiful? I like lots of attention but what Golden doesn't. I can't wait to be adopted.

Yay, AGB! She is now called Luna to coordinate with her matching Creme Golden brother Apollo. He is teaching her the rules of people watching, sunbathing, and sand. While Luna was with AGB she was still enough of a puppy that she chewed and was mischievous, but she is behaving herself nowadays. This beautiful girl and her new family have years of good times ahead and, who knows, maybe we will see her on the beach!

I was with my two babies at the shelter but they got adopted out right away. I'm only 1 years old; still just a puppy girl myself. My life sure hasn't been hearts and flowers so far. Everybody says I'm a total sweetheart; I've been calm and quiet and gentle but I am a little scared. I haven't been feeling too good.

I'm really thin; "emaciated" they said, and I have heart worms and was treated for hookworms too. I got spayed a few days ago. The good news for me is my vet put me on 3 meals of puppy food every day so I'm going to get to a good weight with some curves soon. I currently weigh 36 pounds. I'm on medicine and treatment for the other medical stuff. I have the beautiful block head of a Golden Retriever and the beautiful white coat of a Great Pyrenees; there's no doubt I'm a gorgeous girl.

My eyes are a little sad right now but, once I'm all cured and with a family, I'm sure they'll reflect my happiness. I want to be somebody's Queen of Hearts for the rest of my life. This retired couple has the patience and time to work with her separation issues and she is happy, walking confidently with her tail up, has a sweet black kitty who loves to curl up with her, and is winning the heart of Chloe the dog. You deserve the best Tally! We love you!

My name is Toasty and I deserve so much better than what I had. I'm 7 years old and very skinny. I'm love starved; I've been neglected for a long while. But AGB has put me in a foster home and, all of a sudden I'm transforming into the happy girl I should have always been. I'm getting good food and lots of love; I even have my own warm bed. It's heaven!

If you think you'd like a sweetheart like me for your very own, you ought to know that I've been told that I'm very sweet and gentle and I love attention. I will probably have to be near you and touching you with my paw for a while until I feel totally safe and secure. I am heart worm negative and I've been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Maybe you'll call me your sweetheart and give me the wonderful home I've always deserved. Boy, is he getting the attention he needed now!

Cooper gets daily walks where he proudly carries the biggest pinecone he can find and ballplay, weekend hikes, and in-between he is going to doggie day care where AGB alum Monty found him immediately and welcomed him as his special friend.

Cooper comes home worn out from a day of fun and helps new Mom fix dinner as he quietly watches sprawled out on the couch with one of his many toys. What a life! We hope he will get to be involved in Mom's job with a corporation that works with children soon. Have fun Cooper, you handsome Angel! Maverick is one year old and was surrendered due to the growing family having no time for him.

Poor boy was so wanting to be petted and do what he was supposed to do, he could hardly sit still for pictures. He has been placed with former adopters of AGB alum Reagan, who passed away recently. Something about this dog is very special and we are glad he is not staying outside alone or lacking in attention anymore. Enjoy the wind in your hair Maverick, and we want lots of updates!

I'm a 1 year old Golden boy, 58 pounds, surrendered because my family did not have time for me. Funny about my name because "Maverick" usually means "an independent man who avoids conformity". Well, that's not me at all; I'm not independent! I would stand by the side of the road with a sign around my neck that reads "Pet Me".

I am craving attention and want to please you so much. But I don't know exactly what to do yet; I'm still just a big puppy and I need someone to gently guide me and train me with treats so I can learn what I need to know to be a good boy. I'll belly crawl and crouch away from hand movements if I think you're upset with me. I've got so much potential; I'm a Golden work in progress. I'm good with other dogs; no experience at all with cats. I ride well in the car. I'm cute, obviously, with golden good looks! I haven't mastered leash walking yet but we could work on that together.

I'm heart worm negative, vaccinated, microchipped and I've just been neutered. So I'm just a boy looking for love. And once I find it, I'll be your loving boy forever! He was adopted before he was ever announced by a couple from Tallahassee, FL with four cats that he adores! One of the cats gives him a daily face grooming and he is loving life as the Big Dog in the family.

It's easy to see why he went so fast. He has gone to a previous AGB adopter. He now has a small 4 legged brother who provides moral support after Jackson had a needed amputation for his non-functional leg. But Jackson is handling it like a champ. He doesn't seem to miss the leg since he carried it around in the air for a year! Jackson is one of those always smiling, happy boys, and he spreads joy to everyone around him. He still has to undergo heart worm treatment but it was recommended that he get a little further along in his amputation recovery so it is not scheduled until the end of April.

Jackson should be full steam by first of June and we know he will give many more years of joy to his family. Keep smiling Jackson, we enjoy the sunshine! Have you ever heard that song "Celebration" "We're gonna have good time tonight Hi, my name is Jackson the fourth of that name at AGB. I am ready to strike a pose, meet some people, and have a good time! A big sweetheart that anybody would love! I'm a beautiful Golden boy, 4 years old, and I weigh 65 pounds. I love attention and I've been told I have a wonderful, friendly smile.

I know some basic commands and I love car rides. But I'm special in a kind of sad way too. I was found running loose with another pup and taken to a vet clinic for 10 days and then transferred to the Florence shelter. Fact is, I was hit by a car last year and my leg did not heal properly.

I was not taken to the vet so my left front foreleg is nonfunctional now with severe muscle atrophy. Dragging my leg for this whole year has caused multiple abrasions and infections.

Hilarious photos capture exhausted dogs taking much-needed naps in some VERY bizarre positions

It didn't have to be this way. There's no fixing my leg to be usable now so the vets have recommended amputation. And that's not all. I have heart worms and need treatment; I need to be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Take care of your pups, folks! I have a great attitude to life but it would have been so much sweeter if I had been taken care of in the first place! I'll get through all this horrible medical stuff; I'm a trooper, and then AGB has promised they'll find me a wonderful new home where I will be taken care of and cherished like a Golden pup should be.

Sounds great to me! I'm hoping some nice folks will donate to my medical fund so I can get started on my new life. Maybe that new life will be with you? Cole was another orphan who stayed with AGB a little while for completely baffling reasons, as he is sweet as can be, young, healthy, smart, and who wouldn't fall in love with that face? Sometimes they just want to wait until the perfect family comes for them!

Enjoy the cooler weather Cole, and send pictures soon! I'm here - just in time for winter - your own personal snow dog! If we lived up north and not in Alabama, you probably wouldn't even see me in the snow except for my sweet grin and dark eyes and nose. I'm Cole and I'm a 4 year old fellow. I've been called a big lump of love which sounds nice, doesn't it? I've been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and I'm heart worm negative. AGB took me in from a Birmingham shelter and now I'm ready to find a home of my own.

I passed all my assessment tests with flying colors - good with dogs and people; they said I was "sweet, loving and beautiful". That's a pretty good combination for a snow dog. I'm in a nice foster home right now but I sure would love to be in your home. So I'm thinking you don't want to spend another winter without me, do you? My name is Cole and yes, I'm a merry ole soul. Come meet me! This is a great dog but was continually overlooked because he doesn't have the classic Golden look yet he is an extremely beautiful dog. His fosters changed his whole outlook on life from being kennel-bound and because of that, this family decided they wanted to meet him.

He performed like a star at the meeting he is able to toss a ball and retrieve it by himself! He is all smiles and doing great! He loves playing with his toys and car rides. He fits right in with our little family. He is a great dog and it is obvious he was with great fosters. We are so excited to have him in our family. Thank you for making this process so easy. It has been a great experience. A cutie-patootie 2 year old pup that found myself at a Northern Alabama shelter until somebody from AGB came and picked me up and drove me to Birmingham.

I was very excited. You see, I got lots of potential; I'm quite a good looking boy. I weigh 49 pounds, I'm vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and heart worm negative - I'm all around healthy. My foster family says I am so sweet; perfect in a crate and totally house trained. I love to play with my toys and toss them around and pounce on them. That's hours of fun for me. I'm very good with other dogs. I'm eager to learn. I'm enthusiastic about life and people; I'm excited about my future! I'm a nice boy and very sweet and would love, love, love to have a family.

Come meet me and let's fall in love! He's gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Feb 18, - Ten years old and mostly deaf and blind, Felix came to AGB from a shelter heart worm positive and covered in lumps and bumps. He stole the hearts of all who met him with his sweet face and went into foster care with Kay and Ron who have four other dogs.

They have been great fosters for several "special" AGB dogs so we knew he was in good care as we searched for a home for him. Kay decided she just could not bear to make him adjust to a new situation. He doesn't really interact with the dogs, toys, or other stimuli, but he does put his head on Kay's lap for lots of petting, loves a soft spot to lay down, and knows his way around the house and yard.

Kay and Ron want to give him the best home they can for his remaining years. I weigh 35 pounds and probably should weigh a bit more. Some really kind people at an East Alabama shelter, where I found myself, called AGB to find me a new, wonderful home. I guess my former owner didn't care too much what happened to me but all the shelter workers and the AGB folk fell in love with me because they say I have such a great temperament and I'm quiet and docile and I just melted under their touch. Perhaps I should be called "Mr. Precious" instead of Felix.

I'm quite spry and I'm very smart. I'm also cute and I look younger than my years. A lyric of a John Lennon song is "Nobody loves you when you're old and grey" so I'm really glad to hear that I'm lovable even though I'm a Golden with cloudy eyes and I don't always hear that great. I got bad arthritis and the vets have started me on pain management medicine. I'm heart worm positive so I need to be treated and that can be tough on an older fellow like me.

I also have a grape sized subcutaneous chest mass that needs a fine needle aspiration to rule out any bad diagnosis. I guess you could say I can't catch a break but, for an older fellow, I'm happy to nuzzle against you, spend time with you and fall in love for the last time in my life with you.

Maybe take a chance on me? You won't regret it! It was amazing that he wasn't snatched up when he first arrived but fate has a way of waiting until the perfect home comes along for the orphans. Monty now has a sweet doggie sister - as well as a human brother and sister - and mom says "We are thrilled. I am amazed at how fast both dogs are getting along. Monty is so sweet and Zoey is learning a lot from him. I'm a good boy Blonde and lean and looking for love. I come from a northern Alabama shelter and they've named me Monty which means "mountain" or "of the mountain".

I've had some mountains to climb in my four short years. First of all, I'm either a stray or I was taken to a shelter but I knew my luck might be changing when some fellow picked me up and drove me to Birmingham. I'll be waiting for those folks who will take one look at me, fall in love and take me home permanently with them. I'm in foster care right now and LOVE to play with my foster brothers and any kids that will let me talk to them - I'm a talker! Here's some more information about me. I'm neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

I weigh 48 pounds. I'm a sweet soul who is very laid back. Can we please make the mountains in my life the kind that we can go hiking on together? Now, doesn't that sound like fun! Woof, Monty. Remus is a fabulous dog who was surrendered due to a relocation of his family after 8 years with him. He was a bit anxious from the transition of losing his people. His new family adores him and he gets loads of attention They report he is happy as a clam and no more anxiety.

Play ball forever Remus, you deserve it! Hello, I'm Remus, and at 8 years old, I'm singing the blues. My owner relocated and I was left behind to find a new home and a new family. I'm a little bit anxious about that. I used to be all smiles but I'm looking a little sadder these days.

Maybe you can change that? I weigh 62 pounds. I'm vaccinated and heart worm negative and soon, I'll be neutered and microchipped. My AGB foster mom says I'm a total sweetheart and a little shadow that follows her around all the time. I used to live with a cat so they're definitely okay. I'm great with kids and dogs and I know lots of commands like "sit", "shake", "stay" and "come".

I probably know "down" too but my leg has been hurting me a bit. It's just a soft tissue injury that's getting better. It doesn't stop me one bit from playing with my ball and making sure I get my fair share of petting. I'm a great fellow - and a very handsome Golden - who deserves a really wonderful home with a nice bed and a hand to pet me and throw the ball. I just want somebody to love that will never stop choosing me! Please come meet me. As soon as she arrived and was being introduced to the backyard, a noise spooked her and she darted for the gate that workers had left open.

And then she sprinted into the woods! She would not come back so rescue tactics were quickly discussed and put into action but to no avail. This baby girl is bright and resourceful so she kept the home within sight at all times. Still no one could catch her, not even with a spring loaded cage trap. Worried out of their minds and frustrated at the failed efforts, the new owners fed her just enough to keep her slightly hungry. She kept venturing into the garage, then into the open door, but as soon as she saw a slight movement she slipped right out fast as an eel.

Finally, after six days and slowly, patiently getting her to eat hot dogs out of their hands, they were able to get a slip lead on her and into the house. At that point, she smiled and seemed to say "Wow that was fun! But now I'm ready for my toys and bed! We are thrilled to have her and love her so much already. She is smart, very alert and full of personality, and her playfulness is coming out every day. She definitely has some outlaw in her!! Now be good, Bonnie, and don't turn our hair gray ever again! Thanks to lots of love from his sweet foster, Bama knew good days were ahead.

He is now at home in Tennessee and his new dad reports that he is doing very well. He says that Bama is a sweetheart. His new mom doctored his food with a little unsalted beef broth and some ground lamb to get him to eat and to show him that he is loved. He now has three beds, so he has one in the sunroom, one in the bedroom, and one in the dining room, so he can be with them at all times. They say he's a keeper! Help, not just anybody Well, that's my situation. My name is Bama and I need a new home!

My human Dad passed away and I miss him something awful. Nobody else stepped up to take care of me so here I am. Luckily for me, I got surrendered to AGB and they said they will find me a new loving home. I'm a real good boy. I'm 9 years old, weigh 51 pounds, and am real bewildered about what's going to happen to me for the rest of my life. When I first got surrendered, I kind of tucked my tail between my legs because who knew what was next. But AGB says I am a total sweetheart. And, of course, I'm house trained. I'm real fond of being petted and I'm a leaner.

I've never met a stranger - love people - and I like small and large dogs. Now, cats are another story - I'm fascinated and curious. Unless the cat is real dog savvy, he or she might think I'm stalking them. I was also hoping to find a new home where they'd let me sleep on the sofa. I'm crazy about sleeping on sofas. But we can negotiate about that! So do you have room in your life for a wonderful, loving gentleman like me?

She is an all smiles kinda girl so she went very quickly to her new family who had this to say: "Ella is doing great! She and Ozzie have become playmates. You would think this 11 year old was a pup again when you see them wrestling together. And my son has a new best friend.

Ella sleeps with him snuggled in his bed and she greets him in the morning with a ball in her mouth ready to play fetch. We thought about changing her name to Sunshine because she is always so happy but she is smart and already knows to recognize Ella. She listens and obeys and when you have to tell her no; she just does so with a wag of a tail and a giant smile on her face. We are all very happy! Ella means "light" Ella also means "beautiful fairy woman". I'm 3 years old but, so far, my life hasn't quite been a fairy tale for this girl.

We were taken to a vet clinic for 10 days before we went to the Florence shelter. And then AGB took us both in. That turned out to be a really good Christmas present! I had ear infections in both ears and a tummy ache on Christmas Eve but the AGB vets have been taking good care of me to make me feel better. And I also got spayed. I'm vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative. I'm really skinny and I've been getting some good food to help me get some curves! I weigh 56 pounds. I have a beautiful red gold fur coat and friendly, wise eyes.

A year or two down the road, it could make more sense and save you lots of miseries… Regards, Hanan. So what? Did you cry for hours for no reason? Did you spend entire days on the couch staring into space? Does the slightest hint of negativity punch you in the gut? Way too simplistic, and smacks of Pollyanna. Thanks — now I have guilt to add to my list of things that make me cry. Noch Noch, I love that you clarified for me the reasons why some of these comments make me so aggravated.

Those are great additions!!! I find those advice also useless given our low mood periods. It cracked me up, that example you gave about the surgeon. I visualized the scene and just cracked up hahaha. I think if we put it to that light, with such a great analogy, people may understand more too, so thanks for explaining it in a easy to grasp way.

Hope you will come back again soon, and I hope you are doing well in your struggles against depression. Just want to say, thank you so much for writing this. Years ago when I was going through my deepest darkest experiences, the hardest thing was feeling so alone and misunderstood, even by family members who felt they had my best interest at heart. Thanks for sharing your experience and story. And also understanding that this is an illness like any other. I hope we all form a bond somehow, so we know we have each other to rely on, even though we have never met, for we know what it feels like.

I am seeing doctor and under care of mental health team now,also on strong mood lifters, antidepressants and some antibiotics as I also have a chest infection and something else which made it worse……. Thanks for responding and i hope my comment helps someone understand how we are thinking in the midst of it all. Hi Crystal I had some combination of physical pains too. Help please. My married daughter is suffering from depression. The Xanax really kicked my butt today.

I want to tell her not to post things on Fb about the medicines she is taking or her current stratus. Is it okay or necessary for posting stuff like that. I want to be supportive. Is she wanting responses?? Any guidance. The ony thing I ever really say is that I love her. Why does she post stuff like that? How do we respond?

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Sorry to hear about your daughter. It might turn her away from you. I kind of hid my posts frm my mother for a while. But if she wants to post, I think let her be. I strongly suggest that she find some expert help in counselling and to talk things through with someone who can coach her. However, it might also need to eb done delicately, as I rejected the notion of psychologist from the beginning and my fiance had to drag me there. He knew I was getting very very worse. If her husband has trouble dealing with her depression, feel free to email me and I can connect them to my fiance.

Please let us know how it works out and how she is. Please realize I am obviously on the outside looking in and can only give advise from my own life, I am not a doctor, ect. First of all, your daughter, did she get the Xanax from a psychiatrist? I take Xanax too for amazing anxiety, and it really can make you really tired, enough to post about it, trust me! She could have hidden the post from you, she did not. My advise? Talk to her. My parents saved my life. By watching and listening. Sure I was about 13, but you never stop being her parent right? If you want, friend request me on Face book and we could talk more there.

If not I understand, I just felt compelled to say something to someone who obviously needs to talk! Thanks everyone for your input. She is seeing a counselor. Husband has also attended with her. Thanks so much. I hope she will find strength in herself. Lots of love Noch Noch. She also pointed out that I hardly had any friends and I felt as if that was my fault and something was wrong with me that no one liked me even though I was being intensely bullied for years before and still then, at the time I realized then that that my mother was right and sank into a deep, deep, depression that lasted in various forms for the better part of the rest of my teenage years.

I still struggle with depression but not to that extent, I know more now who I am and what I am interested in and passionate about and I finally have a good support system and friends. Whats the point? I have nothing to live for. It feels nosy, partly, like your trying to find gossip fodder, not that you care. But I think if you maintain a good balance of good boundaries and self care for yourself while also leaving your own agenda out when supporting someone, then you can be helpful to that person, to as much an extent as you can be.

Thank you so much for writing this. What heartfelt comments you made. I empathize, and also a big thank you for sharing your story here so openly. It has to be about the person we are caring for. The world needs more kind hearted people as you, who knows that when we care, we simply, care, with no agenda.

Just wanted to mention keep up the good job! Hi Noch Noch, I found your blog via the Forbes article you wrote about success tips for expat execs. This post about depression could help a lot of people. Please can you get in touch with me about potentially sharing this on our Expat Women blog? Thanks so much, Andrea x. Thanks for dropping by, and I completely understand where you are coming from.

I was guilty as charged too, for before my depression I also did not understand why some people think the way they do. My best friend just talked to me everyday with messages on email, because we were not in the same city. It served to distract me a bit. I have been seriously depressed, and am mostly functioning now, plan to be taking meds the rest of my life, and really really hope that I never sink into that black space again. Yet, I have to admit that I am guilty of saying platitudes to my sister, who is in the midst of a great depression.

Maybe not these ones exactly, but close enough to have gotten her angry at me. Anger is good. It shows that other feelings are starting to poke through. Still I respect her wish not to be given those platitudes. Just one. It will help. Writing helps. A lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sorry to hear of your plight. But yes writing helps a lot. I drown myself in writing and trying to flesh out my thoughts. I also write occasional articles for publication. Not enough to earn a living, but it is still good for me. A tool to empower the powerless… Depression can be as lethal as addiction and it is certainly as isolating and misunderstood.

I struggled with it from 14 to 35 before I was diagnosed with bi-polar two and went into treatment. I was catatonic. Today, with the help of good medications and an exceptional psyciactric councler, I live a stable and beautiful life. Who would have thought that was possible????

I wish you all the very best. Wow — that was a long time and kudos to you for hanging on in there. You sound very cheerful and content. I will get out of this too and be more stable!! Indeed I think we are very misunderstood, so I want to share my story and tell it for other people to understand us. I really enjoyed reading this and the rest of your blog. Thanks for coming by and happy to hear you like my blog.

Yes I think depression is misunderstood a lot, as is many other mental illnesses. So hopefully a few more people can understand. I went in search of an article like this because last night I was bombarded with terribly insensitive and arrogant statements just like it.

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A drama queen? I mean where do I start? So I went home thinking I was this joy vampire that sucks the life out of everything. No wonder I have so few friends. I completely feel you. Perhaps all those phrases we loathe have truth in them for someone who does not have depression, and some people play victim or are indeed too negative. So rest assured you are not the only one.

I hope you find solace somewhere else who can comfort you, just sit with you and let you let out your emotions without criticizing. Unfortunately, in the midst, we get more confused with the wealth of information and emergency hotlines Google sends […]. This entry made me think a lot about my own experiences of both living with depression and dealing with it in someone else. The central idea is the same though. My partner is a kind, hard working and decent man who until recently worked full time in customer service for a major European bank.

He had been upfront with his manager and line manager about his treatment for PTSD and the company had actually provided and financed some of his treatment. Shortly before Christmas he was having a bad time of things, lots of episodes and finding it really hard to maintain motivation and actually get himself up and into work in the morning. Between Christmas and New Year he got the chance to speak to his line manager about the difficulties he was having. He was signed off work shortly after that and has not been able to go back yet. He wants to. He wants to be working for a living and helping me to provide for our future and save for our wedding and plan our lives together.

Yet he cannot go back and face his place of work now knowing that when things get rough, this will be the response he faces from the person who is supposed to support him. And that is on our minds a lot as we are in our early thirties now and the clock is ticking. Thanks for sharing this story — very powerful and very true. But you are right, no one knows what triggers. What looks like from outside to be happy may not be the case really.

Everyone thought I was happy and had it all. And I felt bad I was depressed. We try very hard to do what we can even with depression. I was told at work, by the Employee Assistance Worker, that there are children starving in India. She continued to tell me all about India. It was torture. I love my job I am currently on long-term disability. I miss my job. It is a great job. The working conditions became unbearable.

I was treated sub-human. My office manager and his boss I have so many bosses told me that I just need to get over things and forget the past. They proceeded to chart out my every sick day over the past three years and tell me and my peers, behind my back why I was not going to be getting an acting managerial opportunity. Because I am weak, I was told. When really, I do my job very, very well. Clearly inequitable treatment. I had put up with this for years. Harassment, humiliation, being held back from opportunity.

They are just so busy with their own crazy life. This made me feel like a huge, huge burden, completely unimportant, unwanted, not worth any kind of effort, selfish, stupid for even trying… everything of that sort. Nothing seems right. I have been fighting this since diagnosis in I want a life. I have no children. I have no husband, no boyfriend. All I have is fear and insecurity, self-loathing. I am spending so much money trying to fix all of this. Trying every therapy out there. All I have been doing is crying. I want to feel vital and useful, part of society again.

Perhaps you are on a correction course. Instead of fighting it, let it happen. Let go of the fears, let go of trying to control or fix it. Allow life to bring you to where you need to be. You will know when you get there. Sorry I butted in… Just felt compelled to reply to the comment.

Thanks for understanding! Sorry for the late reply. I was taking a break from blogging as I got married this past weekend. It makes me sad to hear your story but thanks for sharing your feelings. I understand that confusion and helplessness. I had a period like that too, questioning everything, what I did wrong, why did it happen, and everyone had an opinion on why and what and how. It was very confusing and annoying. But like Vlad said, perhaps to let it unfold. My shrink also said I had to feel the emotions, let it happen.

Feel it. Cry, do whattver. And after all the pent up frustration is let out, it will then get better. Please write to me if you are comfortable. Sad, or blue. My husband called him stupid.

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That made me feel much better. I love you, Babes. I feel loved. I feel like this is an illness that needs to be treated. One person loves me. But I forgive him. I know this. I agree with you. Clinical depression is misunderstood at times. And I hope you will pull through this challenge.

Thanks for sharing the above. So true! Personally I have been told all of the above and all they ever served were to make me feel even worse! I felt more worthless than ever and ever more convinced that world is better without me. However, I was determined to get out of the serious depression that I had. There must be more to life! Sad to say, I had been battling this difficult journey by myself. Lost 2 relationships along the way, a promising career and greatly misunderstood. I think you enjoy being depressed!

It has been the worst nightmare of my life! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Made me cringe… those things you got said to you. You are not alone in this indeed. I used to feel very alone. This is exactly what my friends tell me, i dont wanna talk to them when they start up saying things like this…. My friends also tell me that i like being depressed and thats y every other day i am sad and moaning about something, they also say that i m a cry baby… i wish they wud know exactly how i felt… i hate them for being like this with me… i hate them all.

Are there other new friends you can make? A support group in your vicinity? Maybe they will be better help and comfort for you? You are not a cry baby. I know. I have faith in you that you will pull through. I understand… As you can see from the comments, you are not alone in this. We all understand Perhaps distance yourself slightly from your friends who make you feel bad, let yourself feel the emotions and deal with them in your own time and space Take care Noch Noch.

When I was little I was bullied constantly, and eventually decided that if emotions did nothing but hurt me I was better off without them- I managed to detach myself. I eat little while inside my house and only a tiny bit more than that while outside of it. The only thing that helps me sometimes. Anyways, I just wanted to say that this list was very helpful. What can I do, as merely a sibling without any real power to get him professional help, to help him? Thank you for your time- it really does help to see that others understand. Thanks for sharing your experience, and I hope your family can come to read this blog post too and learn how to communicate with you.

So I hope the situation improves for you. Feel free to rant if you need to here, or via email to me. As a sibling, I think being there to listen to him is the best. Or just kept me company at home. Maybe this is what your brother needs, to know he is not alone. Is there some support group around your area for teenages as well? I try to just be there, or I drag him out of the house to go somewhere, because I know that helps me- thanks for the advice.

It was irrational, I know. My friends told me to get a grip and pull myself up. My parents and seniors told me I was committing a fatal mistake by quitting my […]. You just need to get away from what makes you upset or sad. Spot on! We have to work on our thoughts and emotions consciously to come out of it! Yes we do. You have taught me about consciously thinking and subconsciously thinking. I agree that if we change our thinking to consciously thinking that it will help a depressed person to get better. I was in the hospital this April with lithium poisoning for 11 days.

First or second night there I just started a crying bout not uncommon this was a general hosp not a psych hosp and the nurse got all snippy and told me to snap out of it shes a 60 year old grandmother and came home one day and found her son dead. She proceded to tell me to watch someone elses joy on TV if I had none of my own and I had no reason to be crying.

Needless to say I requested to not have that nurse care for me any further. I was Baker acted state of FL but had to stay in regular hospital for hemodialysis and other tests. Thank you for sharing everyone. Sorry to hear about the bad experience but good to know you are better. And good on you for standing up for yourself. I can understand where this 60 year old grandma is coming from — she has seen it all! I too suffer from depression. Lately it has been particularly bad. I totally agree on those 10 things she says, and I totally feel the same way too and how I think of everything….

Hi Miguel Many of us feel the same and no one really understands unless we tell them either. I hope you find some comfort in knowing you are not alone…. Please write anytime you need to NochNoch. I found this helpful. Should I remain quiet in a situation where a friend is seeking sympathy? They would just remain quiet and sit in the room with me or come check in on me every now and then in case I do something drastic. But sometimes I just wanted to talk and they would listen, without judging, without any advice, they just listened.

And that helped me a lot. Timmie also dragged me out for walks and literally dressed me and put shoes on me, and that made me feel better too. Other times, I told them to talk about random things, and they just told me about TV shows they had seen, or things they had done that day…. Sometimes, all we want, I think, is for someone to try to see things from our irrational standpoint and not think we are crazy….

Sometimes my mother would personally attack me for no reason. But I need to be more considerate and not try to lecture her about it, or treat her depression as a problem. I do my best to help her out as much as I can, but reading this has shown me a few things I need to improve upon…. Thanks for sharing this.

Yes I think it is hard for those who are not going through the challenge to understand. Thank you for taking care of her. Under the right circumstances, or the wrong situation, I will plummet backward. I understand that understanding depression is hard. It gets frustrating, it sometimes is just too much. The human condition is not meant to be attracted to negativity. If not for you, but for themselves.

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It helps to give people with depression a wide berth and respect the space they are coming from, but pressure too fast or too soon, tends to make them bottle up or retreat inwardly. This kind of self-sacrifice is very risky for your own well being, not by any physical means, but mentally and spiritually as in your actual energy, not your beliefs or what have you. Whether they want it or not.

Look into Somatic Psychology to learn more about that. Just remember whoever you know who has depression, friend, lover, family, adult, or child. They just want to be loved, but may not know where to go. Please keep in mind that this post is based on personal experience and practice with helping children of depression, and in no way shape or form reflects proven theory.

Slowly the self reflections made me more self aware and know myself better. The invisible support works very well. I have been bi-polar and on meds for 15 yrs approx. Still get up and down days. I have had to learn how to keep me going without sliding downhill. It is not easy considering that your life is always in constant change. People really do try to understand but it is hard if they themselves have never experienced depression. So at the same time we have to learn to give some slack or at least not to take it so personal. Accept the fact that some days you do not feel like even moving and have a lazy day or two.

Then kick yourself in the butt and at least start moving again. Sometimes I have to stop and go through what has been running in my mind. Fix what is doable and throw the rest out. It is not easy but very necessary. Each person is an individual. What works for one may not necessarily work for another.

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I wish more people understood depression. It feels like no-one understands. I saw this and now i feel liek theres someone who truly understands what it feels like. Thanks for both your comments on the page. I am glad you are sharing your thoughts and feelings too and thank you for sharing it on Facebook. I think we need to facilitate more understanding between ourselves and those who do not understand the illness.

I hope you feel less unhappy though and somehow walk through this tunnel like I am doing. There are bad days and there are some not so bad days… Feel free to write to me any time. Thankyou so much! Hi Amy for me, I had to alienate myself from some of these people who did not understand because the criticism got too much for me to handle. I tried to explain but decided I should spend the energy to get better instead. I hope you will get better too in your own time! Noch Noch. I react completely the same way as you do. I even posted these steps on facebook, because there are some people who just think i CAN help how i feel, like i want to be miserable and lonely or something.

So i posted this on there, also said about how people with the same problem might react and how i would react and how the poster you react. By the way, im so greatful you posted this, i really am. Everything you said is the truth. Trust me, what we deal with it is not a choice. Saying be positive or snap out of it will make it better. It makes the situation worse. Unfortunately, people are uneducated and ignorant to know or understand mental illness.

Then wonder why people are killing themselves. You put it succinctly. But also like you, I had no idea what it was about until I experience anxiety and depression myself. I hope at least! I was very naive about depression and mental illness. A time when I should having fun and making friends but I had to deal with depression.

Before depression, I was dealing with panic attacks. I was scared when it start happening to me because I felt I was having a heart attack or going to die. I was able to open up about my past, dealing with insecurities, my father and his drug abuse, emotional abuse as a kid. Even though I was going to therapy, I still had to deal with anxiety while going to college and that affected my school work and grade. I had to drop one of my classes because of my anxiety. I was angry and stressed out about it. Then my mood began to change.

I stopped hanging with my friends, stayed at home, moody, angry, lonely. Granted I did try snapping out of my depression but only made my situation worse. I can cope with my anxiety but depression is a battle I have to face everyday. Sorry for the long rant but I had to get it out. Thank you so much for sharing your story here. It has inspired me and I am sure also those who come to my blog. Thank you for being opened with your experience.

I am sad to hear of the history though but at the same time encouraged because you have hung on this far to battle it and address the issue. We all have different background and triggers for our depression and I know all of us want to get better and not indulge in it. It is not fun. It took me a long time and I still relapse and debate with myself why I should stay alive. I am not sure. But I am alive today so I hope I can help others with my writing, if only to help myself think and get through this rut.

We are all support for each other and I am glad you found me and I found you. I had to spend the last of my school years at home, i became so afraid of school and did homeschooling instead after being so scared to leave the house or go school. I started keeping myself in the house at 15 and only now have i started going for walks and getting a lil fresh air and even going shopping with my mum and her special driver who is really funny.

But for 2 years i spent confined in the house i refused to go anywhere, apart from going doctors and going to the dentist. Other than that i never left the house. I became paranoid, tired, dizzy, boiling hot and angry at the world. But worrying about that doesnt get us very far. I get you. W learn to live with the depression and anxiety eventually. I have learnt to manage it better slowly by experience too. Amy — I SO know how you feel. I never want to leave home. I am scheduled for shifts that run 3pm til midght.

Anyway, I had such a bad panic attack from thinking about driving home a 40 minute drive in excellent conditions that I gave myself a mega migraine that lasted for almost 3 days, so I missed my first midnight shifts. Luckily, this week, my manager is in town, and I took her aside, explained my anxiety and depression, and asked if I could work my late shifts from home.

Of course today went back to being terrible, but the fact that she accommodated my fear of being out so late alone, I was my old self again for the rest of the day. I hope you feel better. I hope we ALL feel better….


Thank you so much! I just saw this one was a continuation! Sorry if i replied to late, hope you had a nice christmas and have a great new year! Well part from anxiety, extreme depression, paranoia, ocd and hallucinations i have extreme anger. Thank you for this reply! I do research too, did it help any at all, the research your husband did? If I had a quarter for every time someone close to me said one of these very unhelpful things…..

Haha then we would both be quite rich now! I used to cringe all the time I hear it. This all left me very depressed. Really depressing. Now I have to figure out how to just make it through life on my own without any support or value. I was talking and talking, the I looked over at him and he was rocking back and forth in his chair tapping his temple with his eyes closed. Then he kept asking if I could find another job. Not very helpful. Sorry to hear you have had such a bad time and experience. MY husband also felt really down from my complaining. Is there any internal support within the company, someone in HR you could talk to about your boss and colleagues?

And maybe try to find another therapist you click with? Either way, I hope you find the channel that works for you. Feel free to email me any time if you just need to vent. Thanks for your response. Best wishes to you. I am working on getting help and I will pull through this. Thank you — hope it gave you some inspiration and encouragement. Thanks again for coming by. Good to meet you and thanks for commenting on my blog.

But also needs more education and awareness building. Depressed people are too much trouble for what they are worth. I wish they were removed from the gene pool. Good gosh. Thanks for your opinion and comment here. BUt we are all entitled to our perspectives. I just hope you pull through the depression yourself. Take care. It sounds like one of the things said above, about not being grateful for what I have. It just sounded ignorant. All you ever do is make art nobody really likes and listen to NPR all day.

What I do, personally, is exercise to ease the depression. I also like to hang around funny, patient people who DO care. Free-writing and art also help me. Being around cats also calms me down. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for doing your art and writing. Those are the places where you can find true peace if you let it happen. Please have a look and see if you want to write and contribute something along with the theme. I had this friend online that I had never met. He lives far away in another country. He is depressed, as far as I have known him.

Sadly, nobody in his family knows it. I always wanted to cheer him up or something, but I feel powerless being so very far and not present physically. I hope he is getting better and keeps taking his medication.. I hope he is getting better too. At some point, those in depression do have to help themselves, but when we are very fragile and weak, it is hard to pick ourselves up.

There is a line between self-victimization which is not what I condone and being mentally sick. I hoep those who are ill can find a way out. You forgot the worst one of ALL. I hate when my mom tries to tell me how I feel. I try to explain why i am depressed, or why shes seeing me crying. But then she turns the situation around by trying to tell me how i really feel, or make how im feeling not a big deal. Sorry to hear that its from your mother. Is there someone else, like a psychologist you can talk to instead? Thanks for adding to the list. I dont think my mom means to hurt me, i think shes just afraid to think that i really might be in pain, you know?

But no, i cant afford a psychologist right now. I do have an online friend that has similar issues and he is really great to talk too. Great to know you have an online friend. You might want to give them a try? I love this post. It was like I couldnt get it thru my head that those people who have it together might just not suffer from clinical depression.

My self loathing is at an all time high. I want to have a fulfilling life. Sometimes I feel tired too and I feel the same guilt of thinking I was selfish or weak. But once I treated it as a sickness and confronted it, I feel more empowered to deal with these relapse of moods. I now know the difference between depression as a sickness the prolonged symptoms you mentioned and simply feeling depressed or deflated. The danger is sliding back down from the depressed mood into depression.

I hope the meds help you, but from my experience, a combination of retraining our thinking is what is sustainable in the long run, and to be able to challenge our negative thoughts. Write to me whenever you need to vent. You will have a fulfilling life. Depression will build you. Thank you for sharing these. Knowing that there are other people out there who feel the same can be a huge help at times! I think you gave the most useful piece of advice in your story about your friend Timmie, though. I like your webpage too and the link you sent. Anything that helps anyone is great. Sounds like you had a tough time too but encouraging to know that you suffer but you also try to get through it.

I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. Do you have some school counselor you could see? I can feel your hurt by being betrayed and bullied, but there can be a different life from what you experienced. And actually, you can make a difference — you can talk about it, share it with others, and change bullying situations, and champion it for others and create a refuge for others.

Turn the bitterness into positive energy. USe your anger. I am not an expert in these issues but googling it just now I found lots of support websites. Maybe you can try those too. You are not alone. I am feeling very depressed at the moment and just wish life would end. I still get up, look normal, smile and function. But my mind and emotions are in chaos. How does this person think his comment helps. I am so ashamed of my depression and my thoughts…. Thank you for this site. I am glad this site has given you some encouragement. I am not sure what the commentator was thinking either.

People always ask us to look on the bright side of things. Yet it is also hard for those around us to relate to how we feel. I guess we have to explain and communicate, but whilst you are weak and feeling depressed and confused, come find solace with the others who feel the same. For the last few weeks I have been planning my death. This week was going to be the time as both my therapist and key worker were away. I received my prescription today and I planned to take it. My key worker was back and I chose to see her. A last minute decision as I felt I should give life one more chance.

I found myself telling her everything. She was so kind. I told her how I felt a failure. I had no hope. After pouring my heart out we agreed that I would go home and talk to my husband. I sat in my car for an hour, looking at the prescription sitting on the chair by me. I had to choose. I chose to go home. Slowly I told my husband everything. We are going back to see my key worker tomorrow. I think I will ask to be admitted to the mental health acute ward. I am so scared. I just want peace. I feel a failure and only feel ashamed for wanting to take my pills.

I feel like a criminal. How can I ever recover — should I have taken the pills. A big part of me says I have just delayed the inevitable. I am sorry I have not been as brave as you. I just wanted peace and all I cn do is cry. And, like Tere said in one of the earlier comments, some even went as far as sitting me down to tell me how i should feel in class.

Thank you for posting this. Sorry to hear of your troubles and how others treat you. Yes you are right, you can find solace here, we all feel and think the same. OThers do not understand but that is not our fault. We can try to make them understand though Hope you find your way. These points are so true!! Thank you.