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Because suicide and homicide are both killing. You may already be planning your own death. You need compassion now. Use suicide prevention resources to get help! It cannot be destroyed. Remember who you really are inside. Do not accept the false illusion that you are a murderer.

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Do not accept such a terrible lie. Remember your true self Cain wanted to be loved and respected. By committing murder, he forever forfeited this and became despised. The unknown driver and vehicle fled the scene of the accident. The vehicle appeared to be dark, possibly reddish to maroon in color, with retractable flip-up type headlights. Charlotte Fimiano, an agent for Weichert Realtors, failed to return home after showing a home to an unknown client on September 11, Law enforcement discovered her body in the vacant home during the early morning hours of September 12, Charlotte had been strangled and shot to death.

Edward Baluta was reported missing to Hazelton Police on May 27, He was last seen the morning of May 23, Photo of Christine McWhorter. Photo of Beatrice Daniels. The results of the analysis revealed the person of interest is most likely a medium to light skinned African-American male with Green or Hazel Eye color and zero to few freckles. We are requesting the assistance of the public in attempting to locate a person with these characteristics who possibly had a connection to the victims or associates of the victims.

On May 22, , at p. The victim had no prior police record or contact. Kimberly stayed out late and away from home over various periods of time. She was also known to frequent Gables Truck Stop. The victim spent approximately one month in the US Army. On Tuesday, September 8, , at approximately p. John Leonard was pronounced dead at the scene with cause of death being multiple gunshot wounds. At approximately p. The last radio contact with John Leonard was at p. An employee of the lodge saw John Leonard going up the drive toward the main building on the hotel property.

The unknown male who approached the taxi was wearing a blue-green wind breaker, dark pants, and dark framed glasses. The male was carrying a Globe Store bag. John William Leonard, Sr. The investigation remains open and the Pennsylvania State Police are interested in speaking with anyone that has information on this case.

On or about Sunday, January 31, , at a. Merle Wolf, Diane Wolf's husband reported Diane missing. Merle reports that Diane Wolf's failure to return home since January 29, , represents a significant departure in her behavior. Diane Wolf was seen on or about Friday, January 29, , at a. They punched their time cards at the same time. This transaction was recorded by paper records and video surveillance. As of the date of the search warrant it was learned Diane Wolf was the primary operator of this vehicle and the disposition of her vehicle represents a significant departure in normal behavior for Diane Wolfe.

Diane Wolf has not been located since Sunday, January 31, On February 11, , between p. Phylicia Albina Thomas arrived home and after a short time she went outside. Approximately one hour later, it was discovered that she never returned. Phylicia was never seen or heard from again.

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At the time of her disappearance:. She was last seen wearing a rust-colored wool fringed sweater, blue collared polo shirt with "Pump and Pantry" written on it, white pants, gray Nike sneakers, a blue "Pump-N-Pantry" hat, and a homemade hemp necklace. On September 22, , at approximately p.

The mother of Michelle Reidenbach contacted Borough Police after becoming concerned when she didn't return home after work. On July, 15, , at approximately a. Last seen July 15, , at a. Last seen wearing: blue body shirt with design, blue jean vest, blue jeans and brown leather belt, knee socks, beige or tan leather boots with side zipper, glasses with initials "VLS" etched on one lens, beige or tan leather purse with long should strap.

On August 26, , Jolene was walking home from Mercy Hospital in Scranton, after visiting her mother.

She was walking with a friend. They stopped on the sidewalk by her friend's house on Myrtle Street in Scranton. Jolene then continued on alone, and her friend watched her turn onto North Washington Avenue towards her home. Witnesses in the area stated that they saw a person matching Jolene's description enter an unidentified light yellow car, approximately one block from her family's residence on North Washington Avenue.

Canada murders: teenage suspects died by apparent suicide, police say

Jolene has not been seen since. She was last seen wearing a white blouse with purple trim, blue sweatpants, and sandals. Marine Cpl. Robert Daniel Corriveau.

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This has been happening for more than a quarter century, police records show. On December 31, , many Chicagoans came together to mourn what they lost over a year: their loved ones, their sense of safety -- and, in many ways, the city they love. Renee Canady's son, Deandre Holiday, was killed in the early hours of January 1, , after getting into a fight. He was And I just want to tell them: be careful," Canady said.

Who Killed Henryk Siwiak? Mystery Surrounds Only Murder Victim in New York City on 9/11

Theodria Constanoplis' grandson, Lewis D. Johnson, was killed on June 8, They fear playing. Sonia Fierro's son, Armani Fierro, died in August. Fierro said she feels empty without her son. Brittney Porter's father, Robert Porter Jr. Born and raised in Chicago, Porter has three children and fears for their safety daily.

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Violence has been in Chicago for the last few years," she said. Earlier in , we met some of the youngest victims of Chicago's violence. Several children learn how to hit the floor at the sound of gunfire -- and it's a lesson they're taught before they're old enough to set foot in a classroom. More Videos Etyra Ruffin, 10 years old. Devin Henderson, 11 years old. A lot of the homicides in Chicago are gun-related. In , there were 3, shooting incidents and 4, shooting victims, according to the Chicago Police Department. Chicago has strict gun laws, which is why many gun rights advocates point to it as evidence that tighter regulation doesn't equal less crime.

But Chicago's gun violence problem is more complicated. Sixty percent of the guns used in shootings were purchased out of state.