The Case of the Burrowing Robot (Hank the Cowdog Book 42)

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The Case of the Burrowing Robot #42 (Paperback)

Does the Hank the cowdog ranch have a name? I've never read a Hank book that actually gives his ranch a specific name. See 1 question about The Case of the Burrowing Robot…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 03, Vanessa rated it liked it. An unauthorized something other is burrowing into Sally Mae's garden The ranch security head has to find it before he gets the blame for the damage.

The unauthorized something or other may a"Armatunafisho" from outer space. Apr 25, Merceda rated it really liked it. Cute book about an armadillo digging up the newly planted garden, and how Hank managed to tear up the garden trying to get to the armadillo who was actually a burrowing robot was outer space, in his opinion.

Jul 11, Darryl Cole rated it really liked it. I read pretty much this entire series years ago after I descovered them in my elementary school libary. The plot, and characters are great. Plus these books are extremly funny. I loved this series then and I still love it. Really funny. Great for a good laugh. View 1 comment. Jorge rated it really liked it Sep 16, Lyndon rated it it was amazing Mar 04, Meisam keivani rated it it was amazing Jul 05, Hannah rated it it was amazing Oct 06, KaDee rated it liked it Mar 24, Loren rated it liked it Oct 30, Alexander rated it it was amazing Nov 27, Irish rated it it was amazing Nov 14, Joanne rated it really liked it Dec 28, Jessica rated it really liked it Jun 24, Lenoh rated it really liked it Jan 09, Amy rated it really liked it Aug 01, Mirielle rated it it was amazing Jun 23, FelisLibris rated it it was amazing Dec 05, Sophie Klomparens rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Jordan rated it liked it May 25, Kaya rated it really liked it Nov 22, Malissa rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Mikaylak rated it really liked it Aug 23, Meaghan Robles rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Susan Heyman rated it it was ok Aug 27, There's been a brutal murder on the ranch, and it's up to Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security, to conduct the investigation.

The only problem is no one's talking.

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After a dangerous fact-finding mission, Hank thinks he knows who the guilty party is. Love doesn't come easy. Duped by Drover, mocked by Pete the Barncat, and busted yet again by Sally May, the Head of Ranch Security decides it's time for a break from the grueling daily grind. Heading into the wild outback, Hank goes in search of his true love, the charming Miss Beulah.

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Guilty until proven innocent? Who - or what - has been killing chickens on the ranch? Using his top-notch law enforcement skills, Hank launches one of the hardest-hitting investigations of his career. No one is to be trusted, and everyone is a suspect - even Hank! From rags to riches When Pete the Barncat offers to trade good, juicy steak scraps for a couple of old corncobs, Hank the Cowdog smells a rat.

Why would Pete want to trade - unless the cobs are worth a fortune? But retirement and the life of luxury don't come as easily as Hank expects. It seems as though everyone is after his treasure - even his faithful sidekick, Drover! An eye for an eye. Things are looking pretty bleak for Hank the Cowdog. First he gets sick on poisoned bacon grease. Then he accidentally trips Sally May - and she ends up with a broken ankle. And if that's not bad enough, he gets stuck playing dress-up with Amy and Ashley, Little Alfred's cousins.

But when Tuerto the Killer Stud Horse breaks free and charges at the girls, Hank knows it's up to him to protect them. He'll show that one-eyed horse who's boss - even if it means risking his own life!

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There's something spooky going on at the ranch! When Halloween arrives, Hank - the self-appointed Head of Ranch Security - has got his hands full of adventure. First there's a problem with the Tricker Trees. Then the ranch is invaded by two skeletons, a witch, and a pirate.

And when Hank goes to investigate a strange sound in the cake house, he's sure it can only be one thing Can Hank rid the ranch of this unwanted visitor? Or is he destined to be spooked for good? It's roundup time, and Hank the Cowdog is ready to strut his stuff. So what's Benny - a world-class cattle dog with the papers to prove it - doing at the ranch? As Head of Ranch Security, Hank knows it's his job to find out. But what Hank learns isn't easy to swallow. Benny has been brought in to take his place in the roundup!

Lost: one little boy. When Little Alfred runs away from home and winds up in the Dark Unchanted Forest being trailed by a bobcat, Hank the Cowdog knows that it's up to him to save his young master.

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So, mustering up all the courage that a Head of Ranch Security can come up with, he bravely makes his way into the forest. A rumor on the ranch: who ever heard of a fiddle-playing fox? Not Hank the Cowdog, that's for sure. But when several reports of unexplained fiddle music come in, Hank knows that it's his job to check things out. And to his surprise, he finds that the ranch has indeed been invaded by a fox with a fiddle! Tis the season for chaos. It's the night before Christmas, and Hank the Cowdog, head of ranch security, is looking forward to a long winter's nap when duty calls him to accompany Slim into town for a last-minute shopping spree.

Along the way, Hank and the gang are struck not only by the meaning of Christmas but also by a pound buzzard who crashes through their windshield. The head of ranch security and his first lieutenant, Drover, are finishing up an exhausting morning of patrols when a mysterious caravan of trucks rumbles past headquarters.

Hank makes a foolish bet with his archenemy, Pete the Barncat, that he can catch the Lumberpile Bunny. He loses the wager, his job, his pride, and even his gunny sack bed under the gas tanks. Hank begins to plot revenge.

He must dispose of the cat. That sounds simple. But without Pete, Hank discovers scrap time has lost all its joy and meaning. Mission: nearly impossible. So when a raging, swirling blizzard shuts down the ranch and Hank is stranded out at Slim's cabin, he isn't fazed one bit. At least, not until a phone call from the ranch house brings an emergency directive.

How do you spell trouble? After a brilliant use of the Syruptishus Loaderation maneuver, Hank the Cowdog wins himself a free ride into town. But when the ticket turns out to be one-way, the trouble begins for the head of ranch security. It seems that Hank's beloved sister and her children are the target of malicious threats from the neighborhood bully, a Great Dane named Rambo. After subjecting strawberry ice cream to rigorous product testing, test-driving a mysterious spaceship, and thwarting a sneak attack from a couch monster, Hank faces the fight of his life.

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Someone has been stealing calves from Uncle Johnny's pasture, and it's up to Hank and Slim to put a stop to it. In the hopes of catching the "crinimals" in the act, they set up camp in the field just north of the canyon. But the stakeout isn't all fun and games.

After Pete the Barncat starts a rumor about a Phantom Dog in the machine shed, Hank the Cowdog - the head of ranch security - decides that he better check it out. And sure enough, when Hank takes a peek into the shadows, he sees the meanest, toughest, stupidest dog he's ever seen. Hank the Cowdog 80 books in series.