The Shademakers: On the road, on the run...

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Running late. Additional information. Team information Qualify for a team tent! Survivor information Parade of Hope am. View More View Less. Donate: Click here to donate directly. Find a Participant or Team: Participant Team. Participate: Click here to form a team. Click here to join an existing team. Click here to register as an individual.

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To Helen Back. Keep On Runnin'. Double D's. Bryant Beach Babes. Hot Mammas. Made for More. Littlechief's Love, Hope, Faith. Team Regina. Top Teams by Division. They both have participated in several runs and they wanted to support Luna Cares. Older-sister Quinn did most of the talking for the duo. Quinn said it was her first Halloween celebration of the season, and while this was her first 1K, she would consider participating again. While many participants chose to walk before the run and scope out their route, McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital offered a warm-up session before the 1K.

While the adults of the group all wore tutus and Halloween-themed butterfly wings as their costumes, the children dressed as a dinosaur, ninja, and Princess Belle respectively. However, this year was different. They were so super to me — for taking care of me, for going through the emotional hair stuff.

Allyson Cecil was heavily involved in the planning of the run, and she spoke about Luna Cares. She explained, they started out as an entity under the Community Foundation, but now are their own c 3.

On the road, on the run...

Participants could purchase a pumpkin and pay for a specific treatment. The pumpkins were completely anonymous — in fact, the sponsored women only find out when they receive a notice in the mail.

The 5K concluded with a pizza and costume party. Patients can apply for assistance online, in-person, by calling , or by sending an application via mail. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Load comments. Thank You! We appreciate you sharing our content on social media.