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Not just this one question, but with employee relationships, interactions, and the soft skills that determine success with people.

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Clearly, when a teammate is having a tough day or is noticeably not themselves it is helpful to have tools that can assist them in sharing and overcoming the feelings and challenges that they may be dealing with. So today I want to share with you a couple of replacement questions that I learned in the middle of an event recently….

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This is the magic of any team building event, as the answers are usually interesting, often wise, and always interesting. Lee Soo Kyung Cameo.

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Jung Yu Mi Cameo. Go Se Won Cameo.

"What's wrong with you" often heard as a personal attack

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Clips Behind the Scenes Episode Trailers 6. Character Teaser - Young Joon: W Share your review. Instead of digging through a mess of search results, Google's new symptom search will display medical information within the search results. The info takes the familiar form of cards. Google cautions that this new feature is no substitute for a doctor.

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Twitter also added something new. No, it's not about medical information. Instead, Twitter will allow users to upload videos up to seconds long.

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Longer videos are also headed to Vine.